Friday, June 10, 2011

Nicki Minaj Wants to Work with Will Smith and Tim Burton

When Nicki Minaj is done touring with Britney Spears she plans to switch gears and return to her true love: acting.
As noted yesterday, Nicki Minaj walks away with Kanye West’s just-released “Monster” video just like she does the song; in playing two different versions of herself, she manages to hit on a dozen or so different aspects of her personality.

If you ask Minaj herself, nobody should be surprised that her acting chops are top-notch: “I went to school to be an actress. I never expected to be a rapper. It just fell in my lap,” she told Entertainment Weekly at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. “So I would like to get an acting gig. I hope that when I am done with the tour I can go back and do some acting. That is my long-term goal.”

The tour in question is her upcoming trek with Britney Spears:”I want to go all out and make it over the top and theatrical. There will be costume changes and hair changes. Lots of sexy outfits and dancing,” she explained. “I don’t know how to do things normal and boring. Why? People pay good money for concert tickets these days.”

As far as her acting aspirations go, she’s looking for a bit more than the usual rapper-to-actor transitions (meaning we won’t be seeing Nicki’s version of Killa Season). “I want to work with Will Smith, because he’s a very successful rapper turned actor and therefore a role model,” Minaj said. “And Tim Burton because I love his crazy imagination. He comes up with these characters that are just so fascinating and the costumes and just creates these whole worlds.”

Nicki could certainly fit right in to Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Maybe there’s room for her in one of his upcoming projects, like as a bootylicious vampire in Dark Shadows? Or perhaps Burton should now build something around Smith and Minaj, like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sequel with Smith as Wonka and Minaj as Veruca Salt? (She can even do her terrible British accent!) Make it happen, Hollywood!
Jacked from Entertainment Weekly 


Anonymous said...


This bitch like other rappers think they hit big time, so they have the potential to be an actor/actress, GTFOH.

Nikki all they want from you is some TWAT, ain't nobody gonna take you seriously.

CaliGirlTex said...

This should come as no surprise, since she acts like she's rapping.

Anonymous said...

Lord the jokes write themselves on this 1. Smdh the only way she would get will and the othe dude is by fucking the both of them at the same time.

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