Friday, June 24, 2011

No Jail Time for Lindsay Lohan

The judge ruled Lindsay Lohan did not violate the terms of her house arrest by testing positive for alcohol because she was supposed to be tested for controlled substances only.
Lindsay Lohan will not go to jail, because Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled the prior judge -- Elden Fox -- only required controlled substances testing from January 3 - February 25, 2011. In other words, Judge Fox did not order alcohol testing.

Judge Sautner said Lindsay is now restricted for the remainder of her house arrest to one friend at a time at her Venice loft, in addition to family members.

And, the judge said NO PARTIES at Lindsay's crib.

Judge Sautner said the only thing Lindsay was guilty of was "extremely poor judgment."

Judge Sautner asked Lindsay if she wanted to get on with her life. Lindsay replied, "Yes I do."

And this is interesting. The Probation Dept. cannot test Lindsay anymore for drugs or alcohol, because there's no court order allowing it. So Lindsay is free to drink all she wants, as long as she's not driving after she drinks.

UPDATE: Lindsay just tweeted, "Thank you to all of my fans for your support. Sending you Love and Light."
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Anonymous said...

United States Law = As long as youre white we can make it happen.

Anonymous said...

^^Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

Only in America could a washed up druggie evade jail this many times and still have jobs lined up for her when she's done with house arrest!?! What is wrong with the judicial system??? It's freaking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, she'll be dead soon (OD, drunk driving, suicide, who cares) and then her attention slore family can whine and cry and blame everyone except the enabelers that they are, and the non-acting skank herself.

Anonymous said...

FYI- slut + whore= slore

bogart4017 said...

I know yawll ain't think she was going to jail did you?

Anonymous said...

"It's all right cause it's all white." But naw, I bet money that if Lindsay Lohan was black, hispanic, or asian, they would have given her a LOONG sentence by now or in the old days, shot her and said it was merciful justice.

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