Saturday, June 11, 2011

Patti LaBelle Serenades Lady Gaga

Patti LaBelle serenades Lady Gaga with a rousing rendition of 'Over the Rainbow'.

Both advocates for the rainbow community, Lady GaGa and legendary Patti Labelle delighted the audience at the Boom Boom Room with an impromptu rendition of ‘Over The Rainbow’ earlier this week.

The private event, which was held in New York’s Standard Hotel immediately following the CFDA Awards, saw Labelle request the eccentric one’s presence on stage for a duet. 25 year old GaGa immediately obliged, joining the vocal powerhouse for what was a soaring rendition of the much loved classic.

An unlikely duo? Sure. A great performance? Damn right.

Jacked from That Grape Juice 


Anonymous said...

Ms.Labelle Imma need you to stop singing with satan.Didn't choo just do a gospel cd?

Anonymous said...

#1:13 Ms LaBelle has enough sense to know she can only control herself, and If ignorant people (like you), choose not to purchase said CD, well I guess that's your loss!

Anonymous said...

wtf fcuk is Lady Gaga wearing so disrespectful to a legend

Anonymous said...

All I can think of is half naked screaming. GAGA half naked and Patti screaming.

Anonymous said...

Pure talent those two ladies, I just hope Lady Gaga,lives to see 30!!!! she's high on drugs and it shows!!!!!!

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