Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Presenting Kroy Jagger

Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak and her son Kroy Jagger grace the pages of Life & Style.

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak gives Life & Style an exclusive first look at her new son! "It's unimaginable -- I'm so blessed, so lucky," the star gushes to Life & Style about her first son, Kroy Jagger, or K.J., as the family affectionately call him. "I'm just so crazy in love with K.J. - I'm always kissing his big old lips."

Kim and her partner, Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann, welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on May 31. "The actual delivery itself was very private, very personal," Kim reveals to Life & Style. "To be in such a happy place with Kroy there, it was definitely very emotional. It couldn't have been more perfect."

Kim says daughters Ariana, 9, and Brielle, 13, are her little helpers and credits Kroy for being her rock. "I'm 100,000 percent certain that Kroy is the one for me," she gushes about the man she hopes to eventually call her husband. But before walking down the aisle, "I definitely would like one more child," she says. "I would love to have K.J. walking by the wedding. He could be the little ring bearer!"
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Am I the ONLY one that doesn't give a F*** about what this broads baby look like? They didn't my baby momma on the cover of no mag & my son was waay cuter than this baby

bogart4017 said...

I'm suprised they could get a coherent interview out of this drunk.

Anonymous said...

He looks just like his daddy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is one ugly ass baby!

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