Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tea Time

Jacked from a random message board

She is not straight. I swear on my momma's grave I saw her in action. And I'm a gay guy who could care less about her.

I saw her at the Sheryl Crow concert on Jones Beach this summer with her gf. They had their arms around each other during the dimly-lit slow songs. They left with Mariska pulling her through the crowd, hand-in-hand.

The straight woman I was with noticed her first and said "I think that's Mariska Hargitay holding onto that woman. I didn't know she was gay. I like her so much more now." I felt the same."

"OMG you guys, she is soooooooooooo gay. I've seen her in Hollywood like 5 times and every time a different girl. She likes leggy, foreign brunettes w/ big boobs

Plus, I was at a function in Santa Monica and she was there too...totally flirting with a friend of a friend of mine who was new to California, and MH offered to take her out and "show her all the sights". Take a wild guess on how that evening ended.


"ok . I am the guy who saw her at the Jones Beach concert this past summer. She is GAY, people. TRUST ME. She was with her girlfriend and they were very close. Although I didn't see them kiss, they were very touchy and left HOLDING HANDS. Case closed.

The gf, btw, is taller, thin, blondish/brown hair, kinda plain (but probably pretty if she had make-up on, which she didn't). They stood throughout the concert with some basball cap wearing dude, but the dynamic was such that you could tell he was a friend of Mariska's. He led the way out of the stadium, and mariska followed, pulling her GF by the hand out of there."

"Am I the only one who agrees with the girl who says she sees her in hollywood with "hot brunettes with large breasts"?? I know some ppl who gets into pretty hush hush girl clubs and they ALL say Mariska is always with some hot girl when she's cruising the town, and they did mention a plain looking, but cute dirty blonde that she is often with so it could very well be the chick the other poster was talking about. I think she's gay, and I'm not some wishful thinking lesbian who deams she's gay because I really couldn't care less, yeah, she's hot but if she were straight I know I wouldn't lose any sleep! so I really have no reason to lie."

"This is 1:00AM Jones Beach guy again....YES, it definitely was her, and many people came up to say 'hi'' before the show. I was in the section behind her, in the first row, a distance of ten feet. I was able to distinctly see that these two women WERE TOGETHER. They were very discreet, and nobody would really notice their hand holding, touching, back rubbing from a distance. But they did it.

That's all I have to say. In fact, I have so little invested in this,I can't defend her homosexuality anymore because I don't need to convince anyone of what is truth--she's gay, gay, gay. Good luck to y'all in your spirited debate!"

"well, even if she's not gay she has damn good gaydar! When my gf & I met her she asked almost right away how long we had been together and it's not like we are uber dykes and it was obvious."

"She was at Jones Beach. NO, it wasn't somebody else. I am 100% positive it was her. No doubt in my mind, or in the minds of those around me.

I read the Post and The Daily News, and NO, they wouldn't post something that would out somebody, not even a blind item, they reserve these for people who are reckless and unlikeable. This is definitely the last time i will defend myself. It just surprises me that people actively refute first-hand sightings on this board and latch on to half of the made-up drivel. Whatever. She's gay, people, and no, she wasn't flauting it. This is why it won't show up in the paper. So she's a classy lesbo. Deal with it."
mariska is a big ole les, my aunt went to the same high school in bel air as mariska

by: Anonymous reply 114 01/25/08 @01:22"

There are also gay men who have said they've seen Mariska's husband Peter in the gay bars or cruising men.

Here are just a couple accounts of several:

From an old DL Mariska thread:

"I am a gay man who lives in NYC, and I don't know if mariska is gay, but her husband sure is!

by: TRUST ME reply 266 12/25/06 @15:58

266 here, Peter and I met in a gay bar in chelsea bar several years ago, we did not fuck but he is definetly into men


Ty said...

I <3 Mariska any way! Go gays! I like menzes btw. Lol!

Anonymous said...

SO?????? STFU!!! THIS is how to be gay and live your life. She doesn't need to come out. It is NO ONE'S BUSINESS. Do you see "straight" people telling everyone what they prefer in the bedroom? Telling people what you like in the bedroom is NOT normal. Straight people don't have Straight Pride Parades. That shit is WACK. Just BE who you are and live your life

Anonymous said...

Nice and hot tea

Anonymous said...

@anonmous 6:00 PM - sho' you right! Lord knows I DON'T WANNA KNOW!

Anonymous said...

Well, if she is...who cares? As long as she's happy, that's all that matters. She doesn't have to go around waving a flag, that says, "Hey, I love women!" Straight folks don't.

Anonymous said...

You mean those tight v-neck sweaters with the t-shirt underneath didn't set off your gaydar?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if she was a lesbo. She always gave off that secret lesbo vibe to me.

Anonymous said...

They said her momma was a southern racist, so... here's the curse=, let her live it.

Anonymous said...

^^^HUH? Tell more.

More Tea Please said...

I heard her mama was creole from New Orleans read: black

and btw

who the freak gets mad at gossip on a gossip site!? Looking at you 6:15
Take a xanxa already

Anonymous said...

all fags should come out so they can be hiv tested , and tared and fathered , dont forget outcast from society to there homo neighborhood

Anonymous said...

June 22, 2011 7:02 PM why do you care if she happy? that doesn't mean shit , what planet do you live no, unless our her mom/dad who are mad there gene pool will end cause their waste daughter would rather eat pussy then give them a grand child. what if her mom was a lesbo? she wouldn't even exist,, why does she fell she should contribute to human society ?

CaliGirlTex said...

@2:10 Jane Mansfield was black? Do tell.

bogart4017 said...

@anon 3:19am
..."tared and fathered"???
I'm going to go ahead and assume you meant
tarred and feathered.
I'll ignore the rest of your post and you can consider this your unofficial spellcheck.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
June 22, 2011 7:02 PM why do you care if she happy? that doesn't mean shit , what planet do you live no, unless our her mom/dad who are mad there gene pool will end cause their waste daughter would rather eat pussy then give them a grand child. what if her mom was a lesbo? she wouldn't even exist,, why does she fell she should contribute to human society ?
She has a son named "August". She also plans on leaving the show to spend more time at home and adopt a child.

Anonymous said...

Jayne Mansfield was born in Bryn Mawr, PA to Anglo immigrants. Her father died in a car accident when she was three and she and her mother were in the car with him.

Jayne Mansfield was decapitated in a car accident and her children who were with her, including Mariska were injured, along with her married lover who ran into some trouble for beating her 16 yr. old daughter.

Jayne Mansfield slept with many men, among them Anton LeVey, the head of the church of satan.

Mariska: Sins of the mother???

Anonymous said...

too many snitches in the world

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ 9:35 am,That is priceless!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So is Marcia Cross from DH. These women marry men, adopt babies or have surrogates/in vitro and live their real life with other women. Kate Walsh from Grey's Anatomy is also gay. Many women in Hollywood are gay. Actually, many career women period are gay or pretty open to it. Lots of women are having sex wit men AND women these days.

Anonymous said...


Mind your own damn business.

Anonymous said...

Who ant Gay?

The whole world is going gay!

Anonymous said...

@10:35: Don't believe the hype.

The gays just want us to think so. They don't have the numbers, so they have to project like they do.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Jayne Mansfield.......look lips etc....

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