Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two and Done for Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey puts the breaks on Nick Cannon's big family dreams.

Mariah Carey’s better half couldn’t wait to share his baby joy at the gala opening of the new Mercedes-Benz flagship dealership in Manhattan. “Their personality traits are definitely coming out!” Nick Cannon, 30, tells In Touch. “Just getting to see my daughter be a little diva early on, it’s cool! My son is chill like me.”

The proud dad already has nicknames for the twins. “It’s Roc and Roe for Moroccan and Monroe,” Nick laughed. But Nick admitted that although life is different since his bundles of joy arrived on April 30, he’s up to the challenge. “I never slept before. I’m kind of cut out for fatherhood because I never sleep,” he said. “So now, instead of doing other stuff, I’m with my kids. Other than that, definitely more sensitive to my moves because I’m responsible for people now!”

And Nick couldn’t be prouder of his pop superstar wife. “She’s just supermom right now,” he added. “She has such a different perspective on what being a woman is all about.”

Right now, the new parents are savoring every moment with their babies. “Anytime they cry, you always want them to stop crying,” Nick tells In Touch. “But now they’re smiling. So that just melts your heart immediately.”

But don’t expect these two showbiz icons to be pushy showbiz parents. When asked if he wanted his kids in showbiz, the protective dad was emphatic: “No! There are so many other aspiring things to be in life. I always think we put too much emphasis on the entertainment world. I would love it if my children were doctors.”

And do the new parents want more kids? “I do. Mariah doesn’t!” Nick said. “She was like, ‘That’s it! I’m done! Two at once!’ It was an intense pregnancy to carry twins around. She [was] a trooper.”

And is Mariah on the mend? “She’s feeling amazing now. She’s back on her feet doing her thing.”
Jacked from In Touch 


Anonymous said...

Men are so damn selfish!

He wanted a big family for what, when you have a boy and a girl. A big family is possible when you marry a "young women" not a 40 year old women that needed help to get pregnant in the first place.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - you stupid

Anonymous said...

@ 10:32 PM: oh! Like women aren't. But yeah, this dude slow.As women age, it gets harder for them to have babies. Mariah was lucky to push one out,let alone two at her age. Oh well, this dude been a sukka for a minute, so I aint surprised he got put on leash like a sukka by his wife.

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