Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bravo Andy Trying To Steal Anderson Cooper

Real Housewives producer Andy Cohen is trying to break up Anderson Cooper's long-term relationship.

Man hungry TV exec trying to steal CNN hunk ANDERSON COOPER Away from His boyfriend, say pals.

Bravo TV executive Andy Cohen has a man crush on CNN’s Anderson Cooper – and pals say he’s gunning to snatch the news hunk away from his boyfriend!

Cooper, 44, has dated gay bar owner Ben Maisani, 38, since 2009. But sources say that hasn’t stopped Cohen, an executive producer of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series, from cozying up to the silver fox.

“Andy has made it clear he has a thing for Anderson,” a Bravo insider told The ENQUIRER.

“When Ben isn’t around, Andy’s always joking to Anderson that he should dump the boyfriend and marry him.

"Andy says that with New York’s new marriage equality law they could become the ultimate gay power couple!”

Despite his romance with Ben, Cooper has gone out of his way to compliment Cohen even visiting him on a “Watch What Happens Live” special.

“Something IS definitely going on.” continued the source.
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

DListed said...

Michael K is NOT PLEASED.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit..Michael K is going to be PISSED OFF!! No one messes with his boo!! Andy better watch himself!

Anonymous said...

Singing the Doobie Brothers-- You Belong to Meeeeeeeee KMSL!!!

Anonymous said...

Who gives a flying fuck about these botches!

Anonymous said...

They'd make a smart, funny, cute couple!

bogart4017 said...

Who is Michael k

Anonymous said...

@1:08 Michael Kors(How u doing)(In Wendy Williams voice)....LOL.....LOL
Andy better sit his drunk ass down!

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