Monday, July 25, 2011

Details From the Night Amy Winehouse Died Emerge

Reports out of London are Amy Winehouse was spotted buying a deadly cocktail of drugs hours before she died.
The sordid details of Amy Winehouse's final hours emerged today, with claims that she bought a cocktail of narcotics including cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine.

Although the exact cause of death has not yet been released by police, it is claimed she was seen buying drugs from a dealer in Camden just after 10:30pm on Friday.

The reports emerged as her family released an emotional statement in which they said they were 'bereft' by her early death.

'Our family has been left bereft by the loss of Amy, a wonderful daughter, sister, niece. She leaves a gaping hole in our lives,' they said.

'We are coming together to remember her and we would appreciate some privacy and space at this terrible time.'

Winehouse was found dead at her London home on Saturday afternoon.

A source told The People that she was seen buying substances, believed to be cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and ketamine leading up to the hours before her death.

She is also thought to have been drinking heavily, which may have been the trigger of a lethal concoction of drugs and alcohol.

The source told the newspaper: 'Amy seemed determined to have a big one on Friday night.

'She was out in Camden on Friday evening, but seemed determined to carry on the party back at her flat.

'None of us know who was with her into the early hours of Saturday. But getting out of it was clearly her main priority of the night.'

Another source from one Camden pub told the tabloid that they had also seen Amy buying cocaine from a well known dealer in the area.

Meanwhile, friends of the star told the Sunday Mirror that they believe she died from a 'bad' ecstasy pill mixed with a large amount of alcohol.

Winehouse also suffered from emphysema, which is a disease of the lungs that causes shortness of breath.

One friend told the newspaper: 'It was an ecstasy overdose. She could do cocaine until the cows come home. But this was obviously a dodgy pill.'
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

So much for her fans who claimed her death wasn’t drug related. RIP Amy

Anonymous said...

She should've took her butt to rehab but she said no, no, no....RIP Amy

Anonymous said...

I heard about this on the radio and it is such a shame. Man, she really needed help. She was so talented.

Anonymous said...

So,according to this post,amy killed amy,and those close to her helped to kill her also, rip amy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they'll blame the dealer like they did in the Michael Jackson case. When you do drugs YOU DIE. It's SIMPLE.

It's hard to feel sorry for someone who actually has talent because there are a lot of people who have talent, but never get the chance that she had.

bogart4017 said...

You would think druggies wouldve learned when Frankie Lymon died in 1968---but they didn't
You would think druggies wouldve learned when Jimi Hendrix died in 1970---but they didn't
You would think druggies wouldve learned when OV Wright died in 1980---but they didn't.
When are you gonna get it people???
Drugs Kill.

Anonymous said...


STFU bitch.

Anonymous said...


human beings will never "get" anything. That's why history always repeats itself. Every generation is a bunch of dumbasses who experience the same failures, corruptions, and destruction the past ones did because they don't learn their history, or think they can improve where past generations failed only to receive the exact same result (the definition of insanity).

I know you were talking about drugs but I was speaking in a general sense.

Anonymous said...

Wow... How high can you get?

bogart4017 said...


Maturity issues?
They have terapy for that.

bogart4017 said...

i mean therapy

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