Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drake and Rihanna Getting Cozy in the Club

Drake and Rihanna were spotted looking like every bit the happy couple at a club in Canada.
Drake and Rihanna got pretty damn close at a nightclub in Canada a few weeks ago ... snuggling up at a private booth -- but does the pic back up the rumor that they're really more than friends?

The photo was shot at the Buonanotte Supperclub in Montreal on June 12 right around midnight.

One source inside the club tells us the two were "all over each other" the entire evening ... and were even seen making out.

Rihanna has denied the two are an item -- but after seeing this pic, you buyin' what she's sellin'?
Jacked from TMZ


bogart4017 said...

Who won't this chick slob on?

Anonymous said...

They make a cute couple.

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