Monday, July 11, 2011

Joe Jonas Booed Off Stage

Joe Jonas is a long way from his Jonas Brothers glory days, getting booed off the stage by the hipster crowd in Williamsburg.
We bet Joe Jonas wants to "See No More" of Williamsburg.

The middle Jonas brother got a rough reception in Brooklyn's hipster capital on Wednesday night when audience members at the Paper magazine party pelted him with mini-basketballs and greeted his performance with a mixture of derision and stony silence.

The 21-year-old Jo-Bro — who's attempting to cultivate a more grownup, Timberlake-ian image with his first solo album, "Fast Life," was definitely not living the dream when he opened for Swizz Beatz at the House of Vans in Billyburg.

Unless it was a nightmare.

Save for a group of adoring girls at the front of the crowd, Jonas did not encounter very much love from the hard-core Williamsburg crowd in their frayed jeans, acid-washed tanks, jean vests and oversize eyeglass frames.

The booing and jeering began as soon as the Disney TV star and his four backup singers took to the stage to perform five songs from Jonas' new album and engage in a bit of awkward dancing.

And it lasted a lot longer than Jonas' infamous 27-second break-up phone call with Taylor Swift.

Audience members were even targeting Jonas with green Nerf-style mini-basketballs that Corona beer, one of the night's sponsors, had handed out to partygoers.

At one point in the performance, we watched two dudes standing in front of us peg Jonas in the face with their balls. They also nailed one of his backup singers, who wore a cobalt-colored blazer and a cheese-tastic cockatoo-like coif. (Given the outfit, we didn't feel so bad for that guy.)

While a security guard pulled the troublemakers aside, Jonas, to his credit, ignored the air assault and soldiered on like a true pro.

Not that the crowd gave him any credit for sucking it up. They mostly just stared — and we cringed – when Jonas attempted to engage them by shrieking, "How you guys doing tonight? Let's have fun! Lemme see them drinks in the air!"

The hostile hipsters didn't even react when Jonas showed off his newly sculpted torso by taking off his blazer to reveal a tight tank top.

The teen idol seemed a little deflated by the time he and the backup singers wrapped up their part of the show by performing his current single, "See No More." Jonas co-wrote the track with Chris Brown, who also performs backing vocals on the recording. Too bad Brown wasn't in the house to lend some support on Wednesday night.

After his performance, Jonas remained backstage to watch Swizz Beatz's show.

Beatz, by contrast, had the room jumping and singing along.
Jacked from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

I know they must hate justin beiber since he single handedly stole their thunder, and now he’s the “IT” thing with all the tweens and him and his brothers are no longer relevant.

Anonymous said...

Spread love is the Brooklyn way

Hit or Miss said...

He looks like he's on drugs or something. WTH is going on with him?

Anonymous said...

You a loser, son.

bogart4017 said...

You gotta feel bad for him tho.

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Anonymous said...

poor joe jonas :( I feel bad for him.

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