Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marc Anthony to Hit Jennifer Lopez Where it Hurts

Embarrassed and humiliated Marc Anthony intends to make Jennifer Lopez pay for leaving him. Literally.

JENNIFER LOPEZ and MARC ANTHONY are headed into a bitter divorce battle over her $250 million fortune.

Following years of terrible strife, Jennifer finally declared the marriage over in a single act of defiance – by agreeing to do another season of “American Idol,” against Marc’s desire.

“In the end, all the battling became pure torture for J.Lo – she simply told him, ‘I’ve had enough,’ ” said an insider.

The pair announced their split on July 15, but they actually separated in early July, The ENQUIRER learned, after Marc disagreed with his wife’s decision to return to “Idol.”

And even though the macho singer is worth about $60 million himself, insiders expect him to go after Jennifer’s much larger bank account.

“There was no prenup¬tial agreement when they got hitched in 2004, so she could be on the hook for as much $125 million,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “But her attorneys will undoubtedly argue that Marc made tens of millions himself and that she shouldn’t have to pay a dime.”

Marc, 42, is very upset because his 42-year-old wife not only decided to serve as judge on another season of “Idol,” but also signed for a summer movie – which clashed with his career plans, divulged a close source.

The Latino heartthrob “felt betrayed,” added a family friend, because they had already announced that they were teaming up for a Latin reality show/talent contest called “Q’Viva! The Chosen.”
“It was HIS deal and Jennifer was crucial to it,” noted the friend.

“Q’Viva” producers say the show is set to film this autumn throughout Latin America – and that both Jennifer and Marc remain committed to it, added the source.

But juggling the time schedule between “Q’Viva,” “Idol” and the new movie is going to be extremely difficult for Jennifer.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer had been on the fence about returning to “Idol” for a long time.“Saying she was rejoining ‘Idol’ was really her statement that the marriage was over.”

According to one family source, “Marc berated her in front of her family, her nannies and her bodyguards. It was almost as if he never let her do anything without him.”When the J.LO became a judge on “American Idol” in January 2011, sources say she made sure that Marc appeared on the show to stave off his temper tantrums.

While Jennifer is back on top, Marc is NOT.

As of January 2011, Marc reportedly owed the IRS a whopping $3.4 million in unpaid taxes – which could intensify the divorce battle over the couple’s assets.

“It’s going to be ugly and it’s only just begun,” said the close source.
Jacked from The National Enquirer 


Anonymous said...

Why would JLo marry a cheater and get no prenup when she knows that he will have a strong tendies to do wrong? Of course he is going to go after her money when he knows that it is up for graps. He is using her fame for his own personal agenda.

When you are a cheater and you get a more successful women from that cheating that makes the cheater feel that he got a reward for his wrong deed so at the end of the day the new person creates the monster that in staying in there space just like AK and Swizz it all the same. It easy to be happy for the moment but when the drama comes and you are with a person who have a lack of problem solving skills you start to see in the end it was about the woman he had but more about him and his lack of growth.

Anonymous said...

no prenup,oh she a fool then.....and Marc Anthony has a career....what career?he always look like he fallin out of a crack binge to me.

Anonymous said...

is that you mashonda? @8:51 lol

Anonymous said...

Where the figgity finger fuck did she get $250 Million Dollars....fareal!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I guess she thought they were going to stay married until death do they part. The thing she forgot he was married when she started to see him period!!

Women/men always justify their actions by saying "they were separated". Married means married period! Until papers are signed and made in officially in the court of law they are still married.

Karma is a bitch. She deserves everything she gets. Disrespecting the other man/lady to get what you want only brings insecurities and drama in the current relationships.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how did this white whore make $250 Mil?

Anonymous said...


No its a real bish with some sense.

Anonymous said...

J-LO get that child support,call BOUNTY ALERT!

Anonymous said...

Why in the WORLD would she marry without a prenupt? Why are people so stupid? All of her lawyers should be FIRED.

She should've had a prenupt and a post-nupt.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Marc was the abuser people paint him to be, of course she wouldn't sign a prenup. He would've tagged that azz if she insisted on it.

Anonymous said...

Karma for JHo

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