Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rihanna Surpasses Lady Gaga

Rihanna is the most popular woman on Facebook after yanking the crown from Lady Gaga.

Rihanna has toppled Lady GaGa as the most popular woman on

The Poker Face hitmaker started the year as the top living person on the social networking website - with only the late Michael Jackson garnering more 'likes' from fans around the world.

Eminem surpassed Gaga's feat in February and, by March, he had stolen the crown from the King of Pop too - with more than 30 million votes.

Now Gaga has taken another knock to her ego - Rihanna has replaced her as the most-liked female star on the site, racking up more than 40.5 million 'likes' - a far cry from the 5,000 she had last summer.

However, Gaga shouldn't be too upset - she still rules over with over 11.6 million followers.
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Anonymous said...

This is such a stupid story. The music industry has become nothing but a big popularity contest. No one cares about actual talent and good music anymore. Its all about sex, shocking people with obscene lyrics and videos, and who can get more followers on facebook and twitter... SMH

Anonymous said...

@2:11PM I agree. This is news because...

Anonymous said...

@2:11 I also agree.

Twitter and Facebook is the down fall for this generation. I remember back in the day you did not know the rivalry between artist. But in today's music professionalism not required.

In the 90s and back the music industry picked true artist who had talent. They didn't have everyone being featured on each others albums.

Damn i miss the 90s.

Anonymous said...

The day for "talent" is gone forever.

Anonymous said... 'Luxury fit for A King'

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately u don't need Talent Anymore. ..

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