Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sean Kingston Celebrates Recovery with House Party

Sean Kingston, who suffered serious injury in a jet ski accident, celebrated his recovery with a party on the 4th of July.

Sean Kingston celebrated his recovery from a near-fatal jet ski crash by throwing a party at his home in Miami to mark America's Independence Day.

The singer was left in a critical condition after the accident in May and spent nearly a month in hospital recovering from his injuries.

Kingston was discharged late last month and he put the pain of the last few weeks behind him on Monday to host a barbecue for friends and family at his mansion in Miami, Florida.

He writes in a series of posts on "Happy 4th of July to all my love (sic) ones out there be safe live it up and have fun... God bless... Time to get stuff ready for this BBQ today... it's going down at the Kingston mansion..."

He later added: "4th of July party is popping at tha (the) mansion... Niceeeee (sic)."

His rapper pal Soulja Boy was at the event and posted a picture of the pair enjoying the party, writing on Twitter: "Happy 4th of July this party at my bro (sic) Sean Kingston mansion (sic) was stupid crazy
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Anonymous said...

Fat boy should of had a salad party instead.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 9:47 am / you sound jealous

Anonymous said...

Jealous of what?

Anonymous said...

His money, fame , fans, and more. Get a life and job douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Wow.....a party.....isn't that the reason his fat ass was in the hospital. Some people never learn I guess?

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