Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jon Stewart Calls Gay Newscaster Zesty

Political satirist Jon Stewart roasted openly gay CNN anchor Don Lemon in a segment on The Daily Show.
On his late-night comedy show, Jon Stewart (or one of his writers) last week noticed Atlanta-based CNN weekend anchor Don Lemon making a mockery of a story he had to report about Harry Potter. Specifically, the Economics Society at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania had created faux estimates of how much it would cost to attend the fictional Hogwarts School in the Potter books and films.

After one of his colleagues noted the “cost,” Lemon uttered, “Okay. I say it costs zero because it doesn’t exist.”

“There you go,” the reporter responded.

Lemon laughed. “I could have done the calculation for you right at the top. It is interesting though.”

“You see that?” Stewart noted. “His half-hearted last-minute effort to feign that he cares at all what that woman says? That’s not just casual anchor banter my friends, that’s a call for help as we explore in our new segment, ‘CNN anchor Don Lemon appears not to care for CNN.’ ”

“CNN I’m concerned,” Stewart continued.”It appears your anchor Don Lemon may not care for the antics of your network, CNN.”

He showed some examples of Lemon being annoyed by silliness that happens at his network. Stewart then created some fake titles for Lemon’s show such as “Lemon’s Zesty News Bowl” or “Lemon Harangue.”

Lemon, in an interview today, said he was watching the show live with a friend last week when the segment came on. He was afraid he’d be eviscerated so he left the room. His friend encouraged him to watch it and after a couple of beers to steel himself, he did. In the end, Lemon said he realized it was actually flattering.

“I was really just worried that my co-workers looked bad,” he said. But they were supportive of him the next day and he heard nothing from the bosses. “They realize it’s satire,” he said.

Lemon said while many anchors will grin and bear the silly stuff, he said he can’t help but express his sarcastic wit. “People are drawn to personalities who are not robots,” he said.

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bogart4017 said...

Have no idea what he's getting at but it seems like innocent humor to me.

Anonymous said...

this wasn't a roast of don was a roasting of CNN and how instead of don going along w/ whatever bullshit they put on he shades the fuck out of them.

you should either rewrite the story or delete it cause the article you published does not reflect what actually happened on TDS

Anonymous said...

@ Bogart agreed!

Anonymous said...

Stewart and his show are zesty STUPID>

Anonymous said...

He was afraid he’d be eviscerated so he left the room. His friend encouraged him to watch it and after a couple of beers to steel himself, he did.
Lemon just need to go for the change operation, he already half way there

Anonymous said...


Leave it to Jon Stewert to point out the fuckery that is (C)orruption (N)ews (N)etwork and FAUX News.

Sn!tch please stop twisting and manipulating headlines for propaganda and comments, Damn girl you're acting just like the aforementioned MSM outlets.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure the "zesty" remark was a play on his name - lemon "zest" and not his sexuality. he is just making fun of CNN and how they would try to dumb how his show

Anonymous said...

So what if Jon Stewart went in on this clown. Typical: Light little southern boy who only dates white men and has placed himself on such a pedastal. The little wounded gay boy no one understands. GTFOH He is prolly a bitch on heels. Who is he to be sarcastic about the news? Typical queen, they are always "SO OOOOOOVER IT"!

There is a cure for that: unemployment.

Anonymous said...

Well play on his name or not Don is "zesty"! LOL

Anonymous said...

Don is such a little gay boy. He is obviously the bottom. He thinks he is so cute. Newsflash Don: you're just "zesty" and queerty as a $7 dollar bill.

Anonymous said...

He used the word "Zesty". I think John lurks on Mediatakeout lawd knows thats their favorite word.

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