Friday, August 5, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Two Hour Wedding Special

Kim Kardashian's fairytale wedding to Kris Humphries will be televised and shown in two parts.
Kim Kardashian's wedding will be televised in a two-hour wedding special entitled 'Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event'.

The reality TV star - who will marry her fiance Kris Humphries later this month - has arranged for the lavish nuptials to be shown over two nights in the special 'Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event' which will follow the lead up to the big day along with the ceremony and reception.

Planning is already well underway for the big day, and according to Kim's sister Khloe their mother Kris Jenner is doing most of the work.

Khloe said: "I have no idea what's going on. But I've seen how much my mom has been doing, and I don't know how my mom does it! Kim should be kissing the ground that she walks on. It's amazing."
The family has not spend much time with the sportsman since he and Kim got engaged after just six months of dating, and Khloe hopes they all get the chance to hang out soon.

She added: "We definitely need more bonding time. I just feel like we're so busy."

It has been reported the bride has already invited at least 1,000 guests to the wedding, despite still trying to decide on a venue in Montecito, California.

A source said: "There's no location yet, but Kim is already invited at least 1,000, and the list is getting longer. The original idea was to have a wedding on each coast, but she now wants one huge wedding.

"She'll probably reveal where the ceremony is. She hopes to make a huge entrance. She's having guests sign confidentiality agreements."
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Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! This 2 hour special will give me the time I need to clean my oven, wash my hair, pick lint out my ass and drink martini's.

Anonymous said...

Well at least now I know what I won't be watching...

Anonymous said...

A fairytale wedding?

For a chick who was married at 19, divorced at 23 and made a sex tape with Ray Jay???

I would take Coco and Ice-T's renewal of vows more seriously.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How is she planning this big, huge wedding but don't have a venue yet? Oh and the wedding is at the end of this month.

Kim you are a hot ass armenian mess!!! Lies and garbage.

Anonymous said...

GJ, you are the ONLY one who says anything about these people. No one cares any more but you. I hope they invited you to this ghetto wedding.

You better not stand to close to her or touch her because the bitch has HERPES! Think about the rash. It was a breakout!

dreadee said...

LMAO at all the comments! What a waste of TV!

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