Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Russell Simmons Cancels London Peace Mission

Russell Simmons was planning a peace mission to help quell the violence in London but has since thought better of his plans.
Rap mogul Russell Simmons has postponed plans to fly to London and help calm tensions following three nights of rioting in the U.K. capital.

The city has seen its worst riots in 20 years following the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man in Tottenham, north London on Thursday (04Aug11). A protest against his death sparked violence across London, with hundreds of teen thugs taking to the street to loot stores, set buildings ablaze and clash with police.

Simmons has been watching the footage from his home and office in America, and was eager to jet over to London and speak to the troubled youths behind the violence in a bid to ease community tensions.

On his page, he writes, "May be Going to london. I'm only coming to help promote peace. Waiting to see whether I can help in england.??"

He later decided to "assess the situation" on Wednesday (09Jul11) before booking a flight.
Simmons added, "we R not going 2 London 2nite. Will assess the situation 2morrow & figure out a game plan."
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Anonymous said...

Spoke to soon hu Russy!

Anonymous said...

Where has Russy been during any of our Riots in the US or even in neighborhoods that are being decimated by gun violence in his own country??

Anonymous said...

Is Russ going to make a trip to Sudan to bring food?

Anonymous said...

What an ego.

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