Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scientology Came Between Jennifer and Marc

Did Jennifer Lopez' Scientology beliefs come between her and Marc Anthony?

So now the truth is coming out – Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony battled over their children’s education and this may have caused their split.

While both parents are members of Scientology, that freaky and sinister organization started by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, the couple could not agree on Scientology education for their twins.

Jennifer wants the kids to go to a school that specializes in the teachings of Scientology and Marc, who still as a working brain in his head, was naturally against this.

Jennifer is much more involved in Scientology than her husband. She wants her three-year-old twins, Max and Emme to go to a school where their education would revolve around the religion. Anthony does not want this type of education for the kids.

Recently, Jennifer said that she wished people would get to know what Scientology is before judging it so harshly. Well here is one fact about Scientology – its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, said that the easiest way to make a million dollars would be to start a religion… then he started one!
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Anonymous said...

Nuwaubianism > Scientology

Anonymous said...

I remember L.Ron Hubbard commercial when I was very young. Even then I didn't understand the commercial,but I knew it wasn't right.

May these people be guided to what is correct because Scientology isn't it

Anonymous said...

Scientology 101 for those who do not know:

It is a cult started by L Ron Hubbard a science fiction writer. The gist of Scientology is that an evil alien put the overcrowded people from his planet onto space ships and brought them to earth to throw them into volcanoes. The people who died had their spirit leave their body but the spirits still float around earth and they're called "thetans". Scientology believes that thetans make you sick, have bad thoughts feelings, or crazy. Sounds crazy right?

Now the other catch is what I just told you, you're not allowed to learn in Scientology until after you've taken years of classes that cost thousands of dollars. They also tell new Scientologists that if they read or learn about their religion outside of the church (for free) that something bad will happen to them. So followers don't learn that crazy story until they're well into the church and probably out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Basically Scientology is about money and control. It's actually much worse than that.

If you want to learn more go to:


Anonymous said...

Well at least Marc ain't and won't be drinking the Jim Jones I mean L.Ron Hubbard kool-aid.

nba is fixed said...

I should have known J-lo worships the devil; the devil being lord xenu!

Anonymous said...

Said...people will soon pay for following crap like this and not the Lord.

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