Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beyonce and Gwyneth Spend the Holidays Apart

BFFs Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow decide to spend the holidays apart this year.
BEYONCE and GWYNETH PALTROW swapped recipes for Thanksgiving.
The singer sent the actress cajun recipes from her mum TINA – giving the family a break from their usual flaxseed oil and tofu.
Beyonce incorporated Gywneth’s gloop recipes into her spread of roasted turkey with bread stuffing and caramelised Brussels sprouts.
The families spent the holiday together last year but couldn’t make it happen this time.
Probably for the best after the sprouts.
Jacked from The Sun


Anonymous said...

Why does the media continue exagerate the relationship of these 2, as if they were joined at the hip?

They probably don't even like each other. They have nothing in common. Bey is beautiful & Gweneth looks an awful wrinkled mess. If Beyonce mentions Gwens name once in a blue moon, The media will swear Beyonce is planning to sacrifice her first born for Gwen. Its not that serious.

Anonymous said...

Damn they're almost the same skin complexion!!

-Cherry Darling

Anonymous said...

Beyonces skin color is the same its always been. Ever time yall see her yall say her skin color is lighter and shes still tan.

Anonymous said...

Beybleachin needs to lay off the skin creams. Dang!!!

Anonymous said...

Beyonce is so overrated in the looks dept. Those lips and that nose resembles a witch....#notcute

Anonymous said...

Fake friendship. Fake picture. Thats two separate pictures above. Media only post the same 3 pictures of them actually together. What Bff's only have 3 pictures together?

Anonymous said...

Gywneth is the best to happen to Bey. Teach her to stay away from pig feet and chitlins.

Anonymous said...


Gweneth is just a white wrinkled inbred ugly bitch. Bey doesn't need her for shit. Gweneth is the best thing to happen to Bey? Whats Gwen gonna do, Teach her how to tongue kiss a dog?

You paleface animalfuckers think too much of yourselfs.

Bey worked hard to get where she is & it had nothing to do with that dryed up white devil.

BeyonceLawsuit said...

@the racist negrocentric piece of shit troll,
they are both wrinkled messes, bey look worse than gwenny without makeup & you know that be true.

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