Monday, December 17, 2012

Bruce and Kris Calling It Quits

The Bruce and Kris Jenner divorce rumors heat up as the couple lead increasing separate lives.
An earlier report that said that Bruce Jenner was seeking the advice of divorce lawyers was swiftly denied, but two new reports appearing on Wednesday and Thursday put his relationship with Kris Jenner back in the headline section.
Rumors have the couple headed for divorce, but one of new reports, coming from a source close to the situation says that Kris and Bruce Jenner's marriage has been "all but over" for a long, long time. According to the information provided by the anonymous source, while as long as the camera roll the couple puts on a good front, in reality (ironic since this is all about reality TV) they are living separate lives, with the relationship becoming a business relationship rather than a loving one.
The source said, They have become a brand and both fear that they will lose their fame if they separate. They are staying together now pretty much just for career purposes. Indeed the name Kardashians has become a brand. So, keeping the brand together makes sense, if the relationship is only about the money. However, it doesn't seem like the couple is able to keep their moves a secret.
Witness the second report, which comes courtesy of Star magazine. That insider report claims that Bruce Jenner, a 63-year-old former Olympian, is in the process of moving both himself and the couple's two teenage daughters, Kylie, 15, and Kendall, 17, out of the family's Calabasas, Calif., home.
“Kylie and Kendall broke down crying to Bruce," the insider said, apparently prompting the move. There are tensions in the family, as well, with some believing that Kris has been putting the burgeoning careers of Kylie and Kendall ahead of their childhood.
The Star article also says that a split between the couple is "imminent," and "threatening to tear the family apart, both physically and psychologically."
The insider also says that the impending split is splitting the family, as well. "The family really is in an all out war," the insider said. Bruce's stepchildren Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian on his side, wanting to protect their younger siblings.
However, the highest profile Kardashian, Kim is allegedly siding with Kris.
Rumors of an impending Jenner divorce have been around for more than a year, despite the fact that the couple has been together for 21 years.
Additionally, both of the Jenners continue to deny the rumors, although this could be what the first source said was fear over losing the Kardashian brand. Kris Jenner recently told "Entertainment Tonight" that the reports were "crazy," and that "life is so good right now." Meanwhile Bruce toldTMZ, "Everything is fine. Everything is wonderful. I'm going home to her right now."
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Anonymous said...

I remember when Bruce was an extremely handsome and masculine looking man, all olympic athletic and gorgeous. He stayed that way with both his 1st and 2nd lovely wives.
It is with Kris (who was very pretty too at 1st) that Bruce morphed into a lesbian butch type scary face, who's balls were takened and placed into a vault by vampire soul sucker Kris. In her quest for more and more money she has pimped out her children without regard to their feelings or the public's opinion of her childrens morals or reputations.
Kris had cuckoled her 1st husband Robert many times with God knows how many men including his then friend OJ Simpson and having a child (Khloe) with one of her many lovers.
Anything goes it seems with Kris, as long as SHE is happy and her insatiable need for aquiring more money is supplemented, then she'll just keep going on her merry way.
Is it any wonder why her kids are all screwed up?

Anonymous said...

Bruce your secret society family will not let you leave.

Anonymous said...

Bruce and Kris Jenner are poster children for horrible plastic surgery. With faces like Bruce and Kris they deserve each other. There is no need to punish two other poor souls.

William Brown said...

The Bruce and Kris Jenner divorce rumors heat up as the couple lead increasing separate lives.

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