Monday, December 10, 2012

John Travolta Wins Big Over Bathhouse Author

The author of a book exposing John Travolta's Beverly Hills Bathhouse exploits has been ordered to pay the actor's legal fees.

John Travolta just kicked even more ass in his legal war with the author of a book who claimed the actor frequented gay bathhouses ... and it's costing the author a bloody fortune.
You'll recall, Travolta was sued for libel by Robert Randolph -- the author of "You'll Never Spa in This Town Again" -- who claimed Travolta and his lawyer conspired to discredit him and his book by spreading lies about his mental health.
The court threw out the case back in September ... but now, adding salt to the wound, the judge has ordered the author to reimburse John for the entire legal bill ... to the tune of $139,645.17.
Travolta's attorney, legal pit bull Marty Singer, is fired up about the ruling ... telling TMZ, "This legal fee award is another complete and total victory for Mr. Travolta. Anyone else who files a ridiculous lawsuit against him should expect a similar outcome.”
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Anonymous said...

Damn boomerang hurt!

Anonymous said...

You know what?? This dude must have a direct line to the devil, because every single homo scandal that he's involved in just goes away. He either pays them off or scientology fixes it for him. One day his chips are gonna run out cos' John Travolta is gayer than a damn tutu. His sexual relations with men are numerous and go back 20+ years. It would be one thing for him to admit it, but he uses tactics to make his accusers appear not credible and he continues to lie. Having kids and a wife don't make you hetero. It's called 'bearding' and hollywood's been doing it for decades. Supposedly his wife is Bi and off camera they live separate lives.

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