Monday, December 17, 2012

Kanye Trashed for Sandy Performance

Kanye West was roundly trashed for his performance and outfit at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert.
Kanye West stole the show at the 12/12/12 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden … with an absolutely atrocious performance.
At a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims, the rapper elected to open his set by rapping, “You know white people get money, don’t spend it,” while running around the stage in a black leather kilt and pyrex sweatshirt. The Chicago rapper also appeared to be having some issues with his microphone as his audio levels faded in and out during his jittery performance.
“I had friends who were displaced by Hurricane Sandy, so I let them stay at my place,” the rapper remarked before going into his hit song, “Gold Digger.”
The audience didn’t seem moved by Kanye’s performance, but at least one person was: his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.
“Awwwwwwww I’m so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!!” Kim tweeted as West took the stage.
Kanye’s performance also set Twitter ablaze with “Why is Kanye …” trending.
“Why is kanye singing about douchebags and a**holes? what goes through his mind? #121212Concert” one Twitter user wrote.
“Why is Kanye wearing PYREX on his jersey? Has he taken up baking casseroles in his spare time? #121212Concert,” another user wrote.
But the real gem went to the creator of this tweet: “We are going to have to have another benefit concert for all the people affected by Kanye West’s performance. #disaster.”
The rapper seemed frustrated with the botched performance, slamming his microphone on the ground and storming off the stage.
Did you see Kanye’s entire set? What did you think? NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams appeared just as speechless as we were following the spectacle, calling it an “unambiguous ending.”
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Anonymous said...

Kanye, I'ma let you finish but...Go get psychological help! NOW!

The King Of The Real said...

obviously none of yall could afford the kings concert with him and Jay-Z. Cause he had that on the whole tour.

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all I call bs! At least he wasn't stuck up and didn't not do the show, at least he was there giving his support for the relief. Kane always comes through when it comes to disaster relief and this how you treat hi . So what he had a kilt on, he's known to be eccentric. Who cares? Lets focus on him doing something positive, because if it wasn't for him or Alicia Keys I wouldn't have watched that damn concert. Not to mention, he killed it so fallback and get something new do other than ride his balls!

ThatBKChick said...

Out of all the songs he chose to do...he could have chosen: "Champion", "Jesus Walks", "Through the Fire", a whole litany of uplifting songs...and then the Kilt? Which totally upstaged the event coming out like that and talking about letting his friends stay at his digs (because he has money), when people have NOTHING....this nucca done lost his f*cking mind. Ever since his mother past, I don't think this man has even been through grief counseling, or just get some damned help!!.......

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