Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Britney Spears Headed for a Break Down?

Friends fear Britney Spears is headed for a breakdown after ending her engagement with fiance Jason Trawick.
Britney’s rock is off — but is she off her rocker? Fired “X Factor” judge Spears drove a car and then went braless this weekend following news her fiancĂ© of one year, Jason Trawick, had called the wedding off. Now her bodyguards are watching her closer than ever.
“Jason was the one that kept her on the straight and narrow, but he didn’t want to baby-sit her anymore,” an insider tells Confidenti@l. “The reason she has the constant bodyguards is for her own good, not other people. This time they’ll deal with any problems before they happen.”
Jacked from The NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Oh Britney he aint worth it. Take a long vacation in the Bahamas with your family - talk to your sister who clearly new what to do - she got the hell out of Hollyweird with her baby and money, and her sanity, and you can see she is doing just fine - Britney let your sister help you!

Anonymous said...

Fire up the MK Ultra machine. Somebody needs reprogramming again...

Anonymous said...

If dude bailed, Brit should be glad she didn't marry him. She still makes appearances, b/c the industry owns her---but their's nobody home upstairs. She's on a cocktail of drugs just to function and has to be watched 24/7. I feel sorry for her. I'm sure if she had a choice she'd go some where with her money and retire. Rumor has it that she has hiv and that caused her breakdown. Federline using her was only part of her problems. Thank goodness her dad stepped in. Wishing her the best.

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