Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kim Kardashian Confirms Kanye Baby Rumors

For weeks there have been rumors that Kanye West was forbidding Kim Kardashian from putting their baby on TV. Kim confirms the rumors for Jimmy Kimmel.

Even though Kim Kardashian's baby might be wearing specially made leather pants designed by dad Kanye West, she says the child is not going to join the family business right away..
"The baby is not going to be on our show," Kim said tonight during her and sister Kourtney Kardashian's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "When he or she decides that's what they want to do, then that will be a decision.
"I love seeing Mason and Penelope on TV," she added, referring to Kourtney's little ones. "Mason is the highlight of our show, I think."
"It's a tough decision," Kim admitted after Jimmy joked about whether the baby might "feel bad" being the only family member not on TV. "From the start, as of now, that's just a personal choice that Kanye and I have made...We're going to try to keep it as private as possible."
But if the baby wants to release his or her own fragrance?
"If that's what they want to do, I will support it," Kim said, smiling.
As for Kourtney, she admits it's a "struggle," trying to decide if letting her kids be on TV is the right choice, "but a lot of the times I feel like, them being with their mom is the best thing."
Kim, who previously opened up about the private struggle she was having with infertility, called getting pregnant a "nice surprise" and revealed that she's got about a week or two to go until she finds out the sex.
Asked whether Kourtney's hand-me-downs will pass muster with the kid's father, Kim admitted that she thinks Kanye is going to want things "specially made," including some "really fun stuff."
"Leather pants!" cracked Kourtney.
"Imagine, crapping in something that expensive," mused Jimmy.
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How can you be pregnant if you swallowed the semen....

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