Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beyonce Fans Disappointed in the UK

Beyonce fans in the UK were left gutted after Mrs. Carter World Tour tickets sold out in 12 minutes flat.

DISAPPOINTED Beyonce fans were left fuming this morning after tickets to her UK tour sold out in just TWELVE MINUTES – only to appear on auction sites for hundreds of pound over their face value just moments later.
Bitter complaints flooded Twitter after fans missed out on their chance to see the diva on her eight-date arena jaunt that begins in Birmingham on April 26.
Many of those who missed out on the 80,000 tickets for it blasted those who were quick to re-sell theirs on sites such as ebay.
Chris Lloyd-Jones wrote: “I can’t get Beyonce tickets on @Ticketmaster yet people have put them on eBay for hundreds of pounds!! WRONG!! About time something was done.”
Another fan Alz vented her anger and wrote: “Tickets are gone because people buy them and sell them on eBay. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GO DON’T BL***Y BUY THEM.”
Tickets went on sale at 9.30am this morning and at 9.42am, Ticketmaster UK posted on Twitter to tell fans tickets had sold out.
Some fans were a little more dramatic and claimed to feel suicidal at the injustice.
Another fan, Stategy, wrote: “Missus made me get up early to try and buy Beyonce tickets for her and her mates. Tickets went on sale at 9.30am and sold out by 9.34am.”
Elsewhere on Twitter, one joker set up a spoof account for former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland and wrote: “If y’all couldn’t get tickets for Beyonce, don’t worry – there are still plenty of tickets left for my tour. Good seats still available...”
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Anonymous said...

Bey Is slaying!!!!!!them ticket sales.

This world is not ready for the SLAYAGE!!!!

Bey is a Legend!!! YYYYEEESSSS!!!& might I add, I got my ticket!!

Damn it bey, why do you have to be so GOOD??? Bitches are suicidal over the QUEEN!

Anonymous said...

She is not slaying... Fans are getting slayed.

It's becoming a rip off and if those resold tickets don't sale the venue will have a bunch of empty seats.

Anonymous said...


You poor jealous hater, The only thing empty is you brain.
You haven't a leg to stand on With your unfounded unrelenting repetitiveness



Bey Is a Legend. Blue is so blessed. I wish I was her baby.

Anonymous said...

Unless you can show Bey bought her own tickets and then sold them on e-bay or there is proof she is in on it, this is NOT a Bey issue, but a scalpers issue. It is unfair, and sucks for the fans but the suggestion that she has a hand in it is pathetic.

Tippie Hippie said...

Bey is hilarious she really believes the hype!

Anonymous said...

Who gives a crap

Anonymous said...

I am buting a ticket when she comes to my city. NOT!! IF I WANT TO SEE HALF NAKED LIP SYNCHING CHICKS I WILL GO TO STRIP CLUB!!!

Anonymous said...

Bitch is slaying. NOT!

Scalpers buying tickets, not to attend, but to GET RICH OFF the DUMBASSES willing to pay big bucks for their queen! LOL! Hey, it's just business. Can't fault their work ethic...unless it's the queen bitch herself trying to scalp her hive of drones and worker bees, as to get EVEN richer because she is so greedy! But the upside is that you stans can brag on how rich she is even if her venues are nearly empty! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...


I feel your pain. Tickets sold out before you could get one to HUH?. I understand you're hurting because I would be crying if I didn't have my ticket. WHEW!!

THE MRS CARTER SHOW TOUR July 15,2013!! Toyota center bound YEESSS!!!!

Anonymous said...


Why bother? She'll only release a dvd of the MRS CAMEL, er, I mean
MRS CARTER tour with the same ol' same ol' footage as her other tours. Same routine concert footage, different day and name of tour.

But you go head and worship your god. Have fun dear.

Anonymous said...

She is only the queen to her pathetic little stans. SMH... You are the ones making her richer, while you are all broke and dying for her to give you life.

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