Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beyonce Puts Kelly and Michelle on Mute

Viewers are wondering why Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams' microphones were turned to a much lower volume than Beyonce's during their Destiny's Child reunion at the Superbowl.

Her spectacular half time Super Bowl show has been widely acclaimed by critics in a welcome blaze of good publicity following the recent lip syncing furore at President Obama's Inauguration.
And Beyonce was clearly determined to ensure her singing was well and truly heard by the watching millions, even if it meant overshadowing her Destiny's Child bandmates.
When Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joined the star on stage for a medley of the band's hits, many fans complained they could not hear the duo's voices in contrast to Beyonce.
Forbes contributor Blue Carreon wrote: 'It was difficult to hear the vocals of Rowland and Williams, either because of the microphone volumes or the background music.'
CBS News added: 'Rowland and Williams were barely heard when the group sang Independent Woman, as their voices faded into the background.'
'Rowland and Williams' microphones seemed to be at a lower volume than their former groupmate's,' agreed Zap2It's Lauren Brown.
Some commentators claimed Williams's microphone wasn't working properly, while a Twitter row erupted when Keyshia Cole criticised Williams' performance.
'I think I was frightened to blink for a sec,' she wrote. 'Then Michell (sic) sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always f*** the groove up.'
Twitter was abuzz with comments about the performance, along with jokes and comments about Michelle, who is seen by fans as being something of a 'third wheel' in the group.
'@MICHELLEWILLIAMS You better not ruin this moment for Beyonce and Kelly,' one fan wrote.
What happened to #KellyRowland & #MichelleWilliams Mics? Hmmm,' another tweeted.
E! commentator Marc Malkin added: 'I think Michelle and Kelly r p***ed their audio was so low that they cut the wires on their way out,' referring to the power cut which followed Beyonce's electrifying performance.
Several lights in the stadium went out for a few minutes before normal service was resumed between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.
Michelle herself seemed immune to the furore, later tweeting: 'Had a great time w/my sisters tonight!! Tried to keep it a surprise!! Love you all...God bless!!'
The Ravens ended up winning the game by a score of 34 to 31.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Do you have to wonder why? Those two can outsing the bitch any day of the week. Even when having the flu.

Anonymous said...

It must be really slow in the recording industry if you are going to keep allowing yourself to be used by this female. What is the whole purpose of having all members of Destiny's Child if you are going to pull a stunt like that, at the Superbowl no less, so you can be in the forefront?

Anonymous said...

And the hate goes on and on.

Nobody cared about Kelly & Michelles singing, haters just want something to complain about.. My goodness don't people have other things to do than envy Beyonce?

Can't wait til July 15, love this woman.

Anonymous said...


Kellys suck up ass can't outsing anybody.

If beyonce told Kelly to get on her hands and knees & lick her boots, the suck up flunky would do it. Shes needs to get and man & stop sucking up. SUCKUP BITCH!!

Thats why bey scooted her flunky ass off the stage before single ladies was finished. She probably can't stand the sight of that suck up.

Anonymous said...

They should be grateful beyonce let them perform with her in the first place

Anonymous said...

It was Beyonce's performance. She invited them to join her, I doubt her intention was to try to outshine them. They have been working on independent projects for years, she doesn't need to step on them to go up BECAUSE SHE IS ALREADY THERE!

Get over it people. Chances are their mics were not sinc'd to her level because she had the lead mic.

Boo, you guys are bitter catty bitches.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Kelly and Michelle actually AGREED to dance to "single ladies", further proving how they truly are just Beyonce's back-up dancers/singers.


Anonymous said...

Did Kelly finally take the oath? I've noticed she's been in a slew of features for the past few months.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce performance was just ok. it wasnt something to tweet over imo. Shidd, her special effects outshined her.On a side note, kelly and michelle need to find a backbone. It's SOOOO clear to everyone else that Beyonce dont really fuck w/ them like that. Kelly is the beta bitch/ player 2 ho in the group. Michelle is the non factor omega (lowest chick on the totem pole). Sometimes, its better to know when you're not appreciated and get gone. # self-respect > paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Kelly looks really nice and can actually sing. Just wish she would get away from the sex songs. Proud of her having a number hit, "Motivation", but she is so much better than that. She doesn't have to sell sex. Oh well....I guess.

Anonymous said...

OMG some of these comments are so harsh PPL forget that without the group there would be NO Bey. She was right to let them perform with her it makes her appear human and not so into herself. He Halogram clearly proved that. Ther always millions of images of her and never of someone else She should have did one of J or her daughter.DOn't dislike her I jsut think she is so over rated because of her looks

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ why would you think she's overrated because of her looks? she nice looking, but damn so are alot of women..

Anonymous said...

People that don't like her will always find something negative to say...

People that LOVE her will always defend her faults.

Depending on the source, you are a "hater" or a "stan".

Beyonce needs Jesus. We ALL do.

Truth.com said...

bey "KING" is a man.... research hemaphordites in hollywood-------------> who is earl jackson jr? Wake up-- your being tricked. Step out the matrix and wake up.....why do you think she lies about everything ----pregnancy? History--- fake marriage ?? If I were a boy huh ............ do your research

BeyonceLawsuit said...

kelly's thighs are looking better than beys

Anonymous said...


You're pathetic.

Jealousy is a very painful emotion. Just try to do something with your life. Try to accomplish something Then some of the pain will go away.

Anonymous said...


Kelly thighs are implants. Beys are real & Kelly in Queen of suck ups

Shes the poster child for sucking up. I don't like people that suck up, its so very annoying and degrading.

I love Bey to pieces, but if I was Kelly and Michelle I would have told bey I was busy. Beyonce doesn't respect kelly because she sucks up too much.

Can't stand a flunky.

Anonymous said...

Of course there was something wrong with their microphones, that is how Beyonce operates. The sad part about the performance was that Kelly & Michelle were not allowed to shine, I did not see it as team reunion at all.

Anonymous said...

11:56, Bey wears butt pads, and has had her third nose job. Thighs are implants? Of course. Only a bey worshipper would think only bey2brazen can have a nice body. Kelendria is a beautiful young woman. What's wrong with someone paying her a compliment. Across the board, Kelendria has been getting compliment regarding her appearance. Let the girl be great.

Anonymous said...

Beyounce's face looks like the joker from batman in that pic IJS

Anonymous said...


Love Bey but,

They know how Beyonce operates, they've worked with her. If they wanna keep falling into her traps, its on them.

& its not Beyonces responsibility for Michelle and Kelly to SHINE. The show was put together for Bey to SHINE. & I don't believe Michelle really wanted to shine on Beyonces time. She probably only agreed to do the show because Kelly begged her in private.

Michelle seems very independent & happy with her own projects, while Kellys just a follower suck up. Just running behind Bey like a lost dog, not a best friend. Damn Kelly needs self respect where Bey is concerned. Bey is a Diva, she needs Kelly as a strong friend not a pet

Anonymous said...

kelly looked good

Truth.com said...

Don't believe the spambots -- they are paid to sway popular opinion ------- the truth will come out about Beyonce --- in fact it's already out--- people aren't dumb how could one be jealous of someone who is living a lie... there is no pain in the truth ------ wake up people---- these people aren't who they say they are-- do your research -- king bey is really a man, Kelly knows the truth also-- why do you think she keeps " falling" for Beyonce's "tricks" --- because it's all a lie ...... just think about it.

Anonymous said...


Kelly would be great if she wasn't a suck up. All celebrities get nose jobs. If you were a celebrity, you'd get one to.

& I don't worship Beyonce, I'm just a fan.

Anonymous said...

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So, the next time you see this couple acting all sweet and loving and trusting and supportive and high class with each other in front of the cameras, know that it’s apparently a whole different story behind the scenes…

Jae Sipes said...

supportive and high class with each other in front of the cameras, know that it’s apparently a whole different story behind the scenes…

Truth.com said...

Told ya ............. ever seen two gays fight ? js

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