Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kris Humphries Vowing to Destroy Kim Kardashian

Kris Humprhies is vowing to destroy Kim Kardashian's reality TV career unless she gives him an annulment. 

Kris Humphries is threatening to destroy Kim Kardashian's reality TV career, unless he gets what he wants in their divorce case ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.
Disso queen Laura Wasser complains in new docs ... Humphries' lawyer, Lee Hutton, was LYING when he told the judge he didn't tell her he was on a mission to "blow the lid off reality television"
What's more ... Wasser strongly insinuates Humphries and Hutton have been threatening to use the divorce case to "expose" Kim's show, unless they get money and/or an annulment.
As for Hutton's threat, Wasser says he bluntly told her, "The Kardashians or Bunim-Murray [producers of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'] do not want that to happen."
Wasser says Hutton has virtually ignored the divorce ... she says 95% of his deposition questions have been about the ins and outs of Kim's show. Among the questions Hutton asked producers:
• "Is any aspect of season 6 [which features Humphries] scripted? If so, who maintains those scripts?"
• "Are storyboards created for season 6?"
• "It's not uncommon for a producer ... to give direction to cast members during a particular scene, is it?"
• "Can you tell me who gave direction to the characters for the Bora Bora episode on what topics they should discuss? [The episode in which Kris finds out Kim had previously been married]."
Wasser also calls BS on Humphries' claim he can't deal with his divorce case during basketball season. Wasser says he has plenty of days off, including the upcoming All-Star Game -- which she's certain will not require his participation.
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Anonymous said...

Who is this loser Laura Wasser??? Leave Kris Humphries alone!! It's about time someone took this trick to task. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man I can't wait. All of her lies will surface. It will be interesting to read about who actually released the porn tape.

I'm quite sure her delusional fans will be upset once they find out what the rest of us know. Her body parts are man made.

It's sad when a persons only exists is to make money off of mentally challenged fans! Better yet a race of black men who assume she represents a woman of beauty and class.

This woman has had several men for her children. The reason why we haven't seen the children she swallowed.

Attack my post. People hate the truth but will embrace a lie! The prince of darkness is lurking. When the time is right he'll strike!

Anonymous said...

I hope this young man doesn't end up dead because of this Illuminati sex slave puppet and her handler pimp mother.
Kris maybe you should just divorce this puppet bitch and leave with your life. Chalk it up to lesson learned.

BeyonceLawsuit said...

blowing the lid off the reality show is an inconsequential fact of reality, or this reality.
let the lid be free.

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