Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shirley McClain's Daughter Writes Shocking Tell-All

In her shocking new tell all Shirley McClain's daughter claims Shirley pressured to lose her virginity and waited outside her room the first time she had sex.
She plays a pushy mother-in-law from hell on "Downton Abbey," and now Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine is facing some real-life claims she was a miserable, mercurial mom.
Daughter Sachi Parker writers in her new tell-all tome "Lucky Me" that MacLaine rarely saw her as a child, refused to pay for college and pressured her to have sex as a recent high school graduate, excerpts in People Magazine reveal.
MacLaine blasted the new book as "virtually all fiction" in a statement obtained by the Daily News.
"It's a painful moment for me as a mother and as someone who values the truth,” the 78-year-old actress now portraying Lady Grantham's American mom on "Downton Abbey" said.
“I'm shocked and heartbroken that my daughter would make statements about me that are virtually all fiction. I've praised her lovingly and truthfully in my own autobiographies.
“I'm sorry to see such a dishonest, opportunistic effort from my daughter for whom I've only ever wanted the best."
Parker, now a mother of two in Westchester County, N.Y., writes that her movie-star mom pressured her to lose her virginity to a 1970s boyfriend while a pair of sex therapists was staying at their Malibu home.
"We're all here to help you, sweetheart," MacLaine allegedly said, according to the excerpts. Parker, 56, claims she felt "like Mia Farrow surrounded by Satanists in 'Rosemary's Baby.'"
After having unprotected sex while MacLaine waited in a nearby room, the couple purportedly emerged to a waiting audience. "Did you achieve climax?" the sex therapists asked, according to Parker.
"We both nodded vigorously. They smiled smugly. I hated them," she writes.
Parker says her experiences with her mother - including a bizarre interaction in which MacLaine reportedly said Parker's dad was a clone who sent money to her real secret-agent father in outer space - helped shape her own maternal style. Parker, also an actress, has a 16-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter, People reported.
"I did everything I could to bring Mom into my life. The Hollywood ending never happened," Parker says in the excerpts. "Now that I've written this book, it probably never will."
Jacked from The NY Daily News 


Anonymous said...

Shirley McClain is a space cadet.

Anonymous said...

i would buy her book

Anonymous said...

I saw this on 20/20 and could not believe my ears. But she always played a cold-hearted bitch, so I guess it was her in real life too. Now a days if woman dont want children, they dont have to. Back then it wasnt normal to NOT have children.

BeyonceLawsuit said...

'Rosemary's Baby.'"!!!!!!!!!
that says alot. just like drew barrymore being passed around hollywood during her childhood.

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