Monday, March 11, 2013

Liam Hemsworth Takes a Break From Miley Cyrus?

Actor Liam Hemsworth has returned to Australia to get a break from Miley Cyrus and the rumors surrounding their engagement. 
The Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth drama continues — and has caused Liam to vacate the continent.
Liam has headed back to Australia for the time being to get away from the tension with Miley, according to People.
"Liam did fly home [to Australia on March 1] so they could have a break," a source says.
Liam apparently spent time with brother Chris Hemsworth — aka Thor— as the two are quite close.
Meanwhile, Miley isn't too happy with rumors of Liam's roving eye.
"Miley is still upset with Liam," a source says of Miley, who has beenspotted without her engagement ring. "She took the ring off to make him mad."
However, the rumors of Liam hooking up with January Jones aren't the only wedge driving the couple apart.
"Miley is crazy about Liam, but sometimes doesn't treat him great," a source has said. "She likes things her way and tends to play games. Liam is also a strong person, and that's why they often butt heads."
While Liam is away, Miley has been spotted partying with her longtime friend Paul Khoury.
Let's hope the two can survive the drama — and we hope that Miley can't wait to see Liam again!
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