Monday, March 4, 2013

Morrissey Blasts Beyonce for Rhino Skin Handbag

Rabid vegetarian and indi-rocker Morrissey slams Beyonce for her expensive handbags claiming they cause animal extinction.

Beyoncé may be dominating 2013, but indie-rocker Morrissey doesn't care for her choice of accessories!
The singer, during an L.A. concert Friday targeted Beyoncé for her bags, saying they lead to rhino extinction, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The former Smiths frontman, an outspoken vegetarian, not only made the Staples Center go meatless for the show by shutting down McDonald's, but scolded the Queen Bey onstage before launching into the song, "Meat is Murder."
Morrissey's been on quite a tear of late, also fueding with Jimmy Kimmel this week. The singer cancelled his appearance on the talk show because the cast of the hunting-centric program, Duck Dynasty, was scheduled for the same night.
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Anonymous said...

I love Morrisey. People like Beyonce are a curse on God's good earth. FOH

Anonymous said...

Bey is not responsible for animal extinction You SEVERELY PALE PIECE OF SHIT.

He just wants to get Beys attention. It won't work. She doesn't care about all these animal activists. I dare one of them to try & throw power or paint on her.

& I guess Bey is the only person he can think of that owns that bag. I'm so sick of all this Beyonce bashing.

Its getting so old. Leave the woman alone.

Anonymous said...


Beyonce can't affect your life one bit if you just don't think about her..
you choose to be jealous of her. Its not her fault, thats your decision.

Anonymous said...

9:34 How about not letting bey affect your life so much. People can say what they want when they want about who they want. Damn. Seek medical attention. STAT

Meanwhile, has anyone seeing those horrific sneakers she was wearing made of exotic animal skins. Needless to say, those animals died for nothing. Tacky just like her.

Anonymous said...

Of course she doesn't care about animals or animal activists. She is after all a "raging narcissist" Cannot expect anything better from her.

Anonymous said...


Just leave her alone.

People need to stop digging up any kinda BULLSHIT they can pull outta their ass to to bash her.

& you know damn well you to don't give a damn about animal causes. If someone asked you to give $100 to the cause you wouldn't do it. so SHUT THE HELL UP

if someone gave you one of those bags you'd except it .

Anonymous said...


Bey is not affecting my life. I'm just the voice of REASON. I make comments on Bey posts because I LIKE HER.

I just like to annalyze your comments to let you know how stupid & transparent you haters are. ITS FUN!!

Most of you people who comment on Bey posts are not too smart.

& just because I challenge your comments does not mean I need to seek help. This is the INTERNET. If you are too sensitive for FEEDBACK maybe you shouldn't blog. Just a suggestion.

SNEAKERS? How bout the animal that died for that Hamburger you ate for lunch?? HYpocrite

Anonymous said...

At 11:15 I have to agree with you, those are the ugliest, tackiest sneakers I have ever seen. These sneakers are a perfect example - that just because you have money, does not mean a person has talent or class. Clearly creativity is an art that Beyonce does not have. Beyonce should just stick to buying her things (already made) instead of creating them.

Operation: BeastMode said...

Somebody mad@9:24 lol

Anonymous said...

Beystains are so silly. Patrolling all comments about this mere mortal as though your life depends on it.

This is the INTERNET. If you are too sensitive for FEEDBACK maybe you shouldn't blog. Just a suggestion. Take your own advice. Hypocrite! Oh and Im vegan by the way.

People can post comments about her even if they dont like her. It is the internet. They do it because they can. Get over it. Scroll past. There's a concept even your dumbass can follow.

Anonymous said...

11:54 Fcuk you (intentionally misspelled) I dont have to STFU. I can and WILL coment where and whenerver I please because I can. You don't know what the hell I care about moron. I am not a follower such as yourself. I will not accept anything from the House of Damnitswrong even if it were free. Im not in to tacky and whorish.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, Rhino bag - really who in this day and age would dare to own one. I'm a Beyonce fan, but thats not on.
Anyone know where there is a pic of this horrible bag?

Anonymous said...

I hope Bey will purchase many more animal bags.
Fuck this unknown Krakker.

Anonymous said...

Being that her alleged BFF is a "krakker" I am sure your god would not appreciate you speaking that way of the kind of people she is sucking up to.

Fcuk beysasatanist

Anonymous said...


Queen Bey is Slaying them ticket sales!!!, preparing for her tour

Her mind is on her husband & her baby right now.

She doesn't have any time to waste on that dried up rapidly aging USELESS Krakker.Gywneth.

You're just mad cause you couldn't get a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Bey does not like krakkers.

Anonymous said...


Only Krakkers worship satan,
Beyonce is black, we black people worship God.

Anonymous said...

I see you know the name of her BFF. Like I said, I doubt if she would care for you speaking ill of krakkers being that her BFF is one. There are photos of her giving her BFF a birthday gift along with the camel. Sure, she worships "god". She has a ring with her "god" on it that she wears from time to time. You don't worship God, you worship a mere mortal. Otherwise, you would not harbor such hatred. My, my...3 different responses. Guess I hit a nerve.
How juvenile. Did it occur to you that I DON'T WANT a ticket?

Anonymous said...


I knew you were talking about Gywneth because shes the only female Krakker Bey has ever befriended.

I worship God, not Bey..

Bey is an entertainer & I am just a fan. I don't hate anybody, Hate is a very strong word. I simply dislike Krakkers cause you all are the DEVIL.

& you do want a ticket, thats another reason why you are so upset. If you weren't so evil you'd have a ticket like me.

Anonymous said...

I simply dislike Krakkers cause you all are the DEVIL.

& you do want a ticket, thats another reason why you are so upset. If you weren't so evil you'd have a ticket like me.

Are you serious? o_O I'm upset and evil? Uh...ok. Meds needed.
Giggles at you saying I do want a ticket. Keep convincing yourself of that lie if it makes you feel better.#certifiable

Anonymous said...


Why are you so obsessed with Queen Bey, if you don't want a ticket?

Anonymous said...

Obsessed? You are not well. Join us in reality it won't hurt you. You are really into this whole ticket thing aren't you? Happy for you that you have your ticket. *slow clap*

Anonymous said...


I'm the only person on this blog that lives in reality.
The rest of you live in never never land.

You are too braindead to realize that you are obsessing over Beyonce. You are completely jealous of her.

Well I can't blame you, bey is a pretty amazing human being.

Anonymous said...

You are so sad. Obsessing over her...jealous of her...blah blah blah. SMH and laugh. You are really pitiful if you believe this. Personally, I look up to women who have self respect and are educated. I look up to REAL artists, not manufactured gimmicks who are known for stealing concepts, songwriting credits, etc from real songwriters, artists. Only to the likes of you is she 'amazing'. Continue to praise your god.

Anonymous said...

11:15 I saw those sneakers too. Fugly!!

Who would be jealous of an arrogant illiterate?

These animals are tortured and skinned alive for vanity. Just senseless. Not only beydonkey but there is also jho who have no regard for the way these animals are treated. Oh it goes. I guess money means more to some than others. Glad to see someone raise awareness of animal cruelty however.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you protest in front of mcdonalds,burger king, all the fast food chains that serve meat?

Why do you just continuously pick at bey? Even about her blond hair, when millions of black women wear blond hair.

None of you bitchs give a shit about animals, like I said before, if someone asked you to give $100 to the cause you wouldn't do it. Plus ALL of you eat meat. Don't give me that "I'm a VEGAN"bullshit

& I couldn't wrap my brain around that lip synching controversy. It was too idiotic to comprehend. Bunch of numbskulls crying over Bey not singing live. With all the problems going on in the world,thats all people wanted to focus on.

Jackasses thought they were gonna bring bey down with that bullshit nonsense. Bey still SLAYED!!! them ticket sells. So keep SCRAPING THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL & pulling meaningless bullshit out of your asses to hate on bey with.

The Queen is SLAYING & she ain't going nowhere!

& for goodness sake, use"illiterate" in the right context. If you're gonna try to insult someone, learn the meaning of the word.

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