Monday, March 11, 2013

The Honeymoon is Over for Kim and Kanye

Kanye West has been pulling away from Kim Kardashain as his passion for her cools.

She thought she had it all with Kanye West. Now Kim Kardashian is panicking as he pushes her away.
Sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, Kanye West couldn’t keep his eyes off the parade of stick-thin models strutting down the catwalk at the Anthony Vaccarello show. At the same time, some 5,600 miles away in LA, Kim Kardashian was dressed down in sweats as she headed to the gym to try to ward off the rapidly multiplying pregnancy pounds and tweeting a picture of herself with Kanye, bearing the message, “I miss him.”
Apparently, the feeling isn’t always mutual. According to multiple sources, it’s no accident that Kanye jetted off to Europe alone in late February, first for a concert in London and the Fashion Week in Paris. “His passion for Kim was cooled,” a Kardashian family insider tells In Touch.
“This is a man who was once so infatuated with Kim that he would do anything to win her love. Now he’s trying to get away from her, despite the fact that they’re having a baby. It’s making Kim very nervous. If Kanye abandons her and she ends up a single mom, it will be her worst nightmare.”
Jacked from In Touch


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kanye lost Bey & jay, respect, fans etc. Just for Kim

Anonymous said...

lol 10:25 pulling shit out your ass. anyone who wont respect someone for their choice of partner is worthy to respect them anyway. kanye lost fans? you sure cause his concerts still do the same #s

Anonymous said...


Shut up BITCH! you just wanna argue with me. You know I'm right.

I'd be upset to, if Queen Bey dumped me over a stupid choice like Kim. he should have got rid of that airhead when the Carters told him to.

Anonymous said...

That airhead is gonna be in Kanye life forever now. What an idiot. Plus he can no longer kick it with Queen bey. I'd be mad at myself to.

Kanye said Kim is Family no matter how Bey feels. I Quest bey put him in his place.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kayne bet on the wrong [w]horse. I don't know if Kayne was in love with Kim or in love with the attention that dating Kim was going to give to him. It looks like the "plan" backfired and impregnating her was not the "holy grail" of media attention he'd hoped for. Your life, your choice Kayne, good luck with that. (And before anybody says anything about him/they having so much money that their lives are good let me remind you that Howard Hughes and Phil Spector had money too.)

Anonymous said...

Poor Kanye. He can't even take Kim to A list parties and events cause shes not welcome. What was he thinking?

He was mesmerized by her non black skin, he thought it would concur all. But he was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, these black men are all screwed up, Kanye is crazy and flip floppy, and don't give a damn about what anybody has to say, yeap Kim got played, and is looking like the idiot, Kanye don't give a shit, she is just going to be just another baby's mama like all the other goupie hoes, strippers etc. Yeap Kim got pregnant by a man who is crazy, cold hearted and selfish, and just don't give a damn about people's feelings just like her. Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Of course Kanye is cooling off with her, Kanye has done every nasty sexual thing to her so now he is bored with her and clearly wants that man he has been craving. Don't be surprised if Kim miscarries that baby now that she know Kanye aint going to marry her or commit to her.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ you put the nail in the coffin!!!

Anonymous said...

Kanye connected to this slut for life.

Anonymous said...

This is going to sound really mean, but she's still within miscarriage range. Let's hope she actually has the baby. She's been barren all this time for a reason: her family is cursed because of Kris.

Anonymous said...

5:34 Truth.

STFU race trader! Cute mixed baby?

All you talk about is how black people are so ugly & how white people are so much better looking than black people.

Damn, is that all you have to offer in your comments?

Anonymous said...

These illuminati celebs and their fucked up lives. Everybody will win with this fucked up scenario. And eveybody gets what's coming to 'em.
Kanye loses interest and will bounce on thirsty ass Kim. Her karma for Kris Humphries. Kim can either "miscarry" for media sympathy if not the publics. Or she can carry to term and attention whore in all her thirsty glory with a beautiful baby girl (PMK took no chances on the baby being unattractive with Kanye's dna. Anonymous fine black man or Latino man dna mixed with Kim's so baby assured beauty) without Kanye to disapprove becaused he bounced like a cad and escaped PMK's greedy manegerial clutches. Kris Jenner may get a chance to have a "blood sacrifice" for more fame and money and to punish the public diss of her favorite daughter by chickenshit Kanye and have even more control of Kim and her baby,and extend her famewhore daughter "career" another tediously long 15 minutes.
Kanye may go to his great reward and be with his beloved mother, whom his misses so much and who's influence was sorely needed during his downward spiral and his wrong choices of believing Jay Z and Beyonce were really his friends and family. Pimp Mama Kris, Jay Z and Beyonce will all go to hell and meet their puppet master.

Kris Humphries, see how you dodged a bullet?

Anonymous said...


All you racist bitchs believe a baby has to be mixed to be cute.
Shut up with that bullshit.
Kanye could make a beautiful baby with a black woman.

& if you aren't saved & filled with the Holy Ghost when you die you're going straight to hell to meet your puppetmaster also ignorant ass.

Anonymous said...

Chill out 7:28pm!

Of course black couples make beautiful babies! Yes even Kanye's less than handsome self could make a beautiful baby even with a less than attractive woman of any race. The chances are better with an attractive woman though, especially if the child looked more like the mother because Kanye is (IMO) not good looking at all (stipulating that beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

And don't preach to me with all your angry bible thumping judgements. Whether I go to hell or not is between me and God and thankfully not you. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Anonymous said...

I ain't chilling shit, don't try to clean up your racist comment .

& I'm not bible thumping preaching in judgement, I'm just expressing my opinion. You're the one judging talking about somebody going to hell.

You are the one saying bey and Jay going to hell to meet their puppetmaster, you are gonna be mighty surprised on judgement day when you're meeting your puppetmaster. Perfect bitch.

Anonymous said...


You people kill me with this vicious hate on bey. Then you have the nerve to say someones going to hell. Hopefully you go before she gets there. You probably don't go to church or have ever picked up a bible. But you judging whose going to hell. Take a look in the mirror Bitch.

Anonymous said...

To 8:23 and 8:21pm

Baphamet is a Satanic entity. Bey and Jay are Baphamet worshipping Illuminati puppets. That type of worship will NOT get them into heavens gates! Now I may be out of line saying it, since that is really up to God Almighty and not me.

I hate to break it to clit licking and dicking riding stans of King Bey and Queen Jay but your worshipping of these two SATANISTS are not likely to get you to heaven either.

Reading is fundamental. Nothing I wrote about Kanye was racist. He is not handsome, good looking or cute in any way TO ME. But I did stipulate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have no need to clean up my post.

Again whether or not I go to hell is in God's hands. But IF I DO go to hell, I'll be giving Bey, Jay, Satan AND YOU the middle finger!

Anonymous said...

well mixed or not mixed, does not determine the baby will be CUTE!. if the baby takes his droopy chipmunk cheeks, her long madame the puppet face frame it may just be ok with her hair and their complexions mixed.

Anonymous said...


You ain't going to heaven simply because you know how to bash a celebrity.


You have to do the work to enter the gates yourself, its not just about Bey & jay. Its EVERYBODY that will be judged by God. Thats all I'm saying. Most of you are so self righteous bashing bey, ain't going either.

Plus usually a devil worshiper does not give praise to God. People who worship the devil will say so Beyonce talks about god, not satan. Fix your own life. if your life was on display we would see all your sins against God.

Anonymous said...


Every time I click on Gossip Jacker & read a TRUTH BE TOLD comment. You are talking about how ugly some dark skinned black celebrity is.

You said naomi Cambell was jealous of some white model on her show, cause the Model was beautiful & shes ugly. Naomi is beautiful, do you need glasses? You keep talking about mixed babies being cute as opposed to black babies. Theres a word for black people like you.

Then on this post. (Quote)"In all reality she don't need him she will have a cute mixed baby".

and all the other dark skinned black celebrities you bash.

If You think happiness is just about getting light skinned people in your life, you are HOPELESS!!!

Anonymous said...


Kanye was in a car wreck, his jaw bone was broke. I thought everybody knew that.

Anonymous said...

11:36 Truth,

You need to take your medicine.
. Learn to compliment your own race of people.
Why can't you say Blue is cute? I guess shes not in your eyes cause shes not mixed.

Anonymous said...


I see you are one the utmost BeyJayZ stans that will defend them with your life. Okay, fine. Your right. My right is that I'm not a BeyJayZ stan and I don't fall for the BS hype.

I don't need you to preach to me on how to get into heaven. I know Beysus and Hova can't get me OR YOU into heaven. I know they can HELP GET ME and YOU to HELL. Just because Bey mentions God once in a blue moon doesn't mean she worships God Almighty. Paying lip service mentioning God is not praising God and her real ACTIONS, DEEDS, (the actual work you spoke of) seems to show a person in LOVE with MONEY (the root of ALL evil) in search of MORE fame and glory for herself NOT GOD. Her SATANIST husband, former peddler of drugs and DESTRUCTION to the black community, won't bother to pretend to care about anyone but himself reaching billionaire status, rubbing elbows, grinning and cooning with the power elite, He NEVER EVEN DEFENDS his wife and baby while they both were/are being dragged in the media for being FAKE. He'll leave that dubious task to the "lowly" stans such as yourself, since you have proven time and time again that you WORSHIP this celebrity couple as though THEY ARE GOD!

And then you come preach at me about how I'm judgemental and what I need to do avoid hell and make it to heaven. I say you let me and GOD worry about my soul and what I need to do be saved. Beyonce and JayZ can't/won't save me and certainly WILL NOT SAVE YOU. They do however want as much of your money as they can get so why don't you dig deep and GIVE IT TO THEM?!!!

Anonymous said...

@1:36 pm you do have a point. Beyonce never mentions God anymore, everyone knows she does not acknowledge God anymore. And I find that people who believe in God do not walk around wearing satanic symbols and signs of the devil like Beyonce. That is how the devil tricks you and controls you - getting you people all angry and upset over a superficial, fake entertainer like Beyonce.

Anonymous said...


I don't worship Beyonce. Shes an entertainer & I'm a fan of hers. I worship God.

I am not a stan, nor am I preaching. I repeat i'm not trying to preach to any body. So you can stop insinuating that I am.You are the self righteous fool who is judging whose going to HELL. I'm just simply trying to tell you that you probably ain't going either so who are you to judge whose going to hell?

How do you know Bey only mentions God once in a blue moon? Are you in her presence 24/7? Are you with her when she lays down at night?
I never said Bey mentioning God will get her into heaven. I just said she believes in God. Anybody can mention God as much as they want, its our right. Shes a child of God just like you & me. What gives you the right to say shes going to Hell?

I quote you"I say you let me and God worry about my soul and what I need to do be saved." why don't you do the same for Bey. Let bey & God worry about her soul. Hypocrite.

Yeah money is the root of all evil, so are a lotta other things. like ENVY, which you are. Stop being so jealous that bey & Jay have money & make your own.

What are you doing thats so Holy & God fearing?
No matter what bey is doing with her life, she still believes in God
Are you trying to say unless people live according to his law, we don't believe in him? Most people who believe in God, don't necessary live a righteous life JUST LIKE YOU.

I am not saved & filled with the Holy Ghost myself. but I know I better be before I die.

Lastly, I don't worship this celebrity couple as though they were God.
. I am simply a beyonce fan, i'm not even a fan of Jay.

Anonymous said...


So you follow Bey around 24/7 keeping track of how often she mentions God?

How often do you mention God?

Anonymous said...

Seriously say what you want about Kanye but he is intelligent. I wonder what the hell him and airhead Kim even talk about.

Anonymous said...


You are a fan, not a stan of an entertainer. Fine.You worship God not an entertainer. Fine. You're not preaching to anyone and I insinuated that you were. My bad. I'm a self righteous fool, says you. I disagree.

It offends you when I said Bey will go to hell and meet her puppetmaster. It does not seem to offend you that I said Jay Z and Kris Jenner will go to hell to meet their puppet master. O.K. to insult Jay Z, Kris Jenner, Kanye, Kim K BUT NOT Beyonce. Hmmmmm. Not a stan of Bey....okay.

What gives me the right to say Bey, J.Z or anybody is going to hell?
1st amendment right. I'm never around Bey or any celebrity 24/7 to know if they are constantly praising God or cursing God, but I see she as well as a lot of other celebs wear Satanic symbols and perform with Satanic symbols all around in their shows but she is a child of God just like you and me. I am a hypocrite (sometimes) I am probabaly going to hell. Perhaps, that is up to God and me if I don't live right. What else? Money IS NOT the root of all evil. The Bible says " The LOVE of money is the root of all evil"
Beyonce and Jay Z want yours so dig deep and GIVE IT TO THEM!

Anonymous said...

Do you guys know what's better than good pussy ? NEW PUSSY! Kim meet Kanye, Kanye meet new pussy. There you have it kids.

Anonymous said...

Jay Z and his wife were never Kanye's friend. Jay Z needed Kanye to help him sell out his concerts. Now old ass user Hov is on to the next with someone else to help him sell out his concerts and seem relevant.
Kanye and Kim are too narcissistic for their own good. If there is a baby on the way, may the Lord be with that child. These two are too self absorbed and will probably turn the baby over to a nanny to raise.

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING WRONG WITH BLACK MEN- so stop that bullshit talk- and Kanye prefers women with curves so those stick thin models were more like bones to him- outside of that KIM AND KANYE are wack. they need to go away

Anonymous said...

I have no respect for black men who date or marry non black women. Its a form of self hate, Its embarrassing & it is a disgrace to the black race.
We need to procreate with our own. Stop mixing with white people & other races.

Black people are obsessed with hair. Its the main reason blacks mix so much. Forget about hair & embrace your own black race please.

I wish I could fall asleep & wake up in a land with nothing but proud black people. I don't wanna be around white people ever. i should have been born 700 years ago in Africa BEFORE slavery. I'm just in the wrong time.

Anonymous said...

this blog keeps the same shit up for almost a week. sheesh!!!

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