Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amanda Bynes Bong Recovered?

TMZ Investigators claim to have found the bong Amanda Bynes allegedly threw from her 36th-floor window.

THIS could be the shattered bong Amanda Bynes allegedly threw out her 36th-floor apartment window last week.
Our TMZ producer went on the hunt today and found the shattered glass on the 3rd floor of the building ... it's a sub-roof that can be accessed by using a ladder.
An official in the building allowed our guy to check it out, and he found what looks like a bong -- small broken bits of glass, light and dark blue in color, with no markings and no broken bottle ends or tops. Some of the pieces of glass had what appeared to be black residue.
Amanda has said she threw a vase out the window, but our producer says it doesn't look like a vase to him. As for the cigarette butts, our producer says they were scattered all over the sub-roof.
A building employee told our producer cops didn't check the sub-roof during their investigation. We were told cops would check it out later today. Cops just arrived at the scene.
Jacked from TMZ

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This chick obviously has no friends, no life, and too much money and free time on her hands.

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