Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Arsenio Hall and Paula Abdul Rekindle Romance

After years apart Arsenio Hall and Paula Abdul decide to give love another try.
EVERYTHING old is new again in ARSENIO HALL Hall’s world! He’ll be back on TV with a new talk show in September, and he’s romancing old girlfriend PAULA ABDUL.
The two, who first dated back in 1989 and have reunited a few times since then, were spotted getting cozy at a Los Angeles Dodgers game on May 1. Now, sources say they’re both ready to pick up where they last left off.
“Arsenio adores Paula and is determined to make their relationship work this time,” said a source.
“She’s like his good luck charm, and when Paula’s in his life, great things happen for Arsenio.”
During an interview in 2009, Arsenio raved about the former “American Idol” and “X Factor” judge.
Arseniao, 58, called 50-year-old Paula the “best girl to hang with on the planet,” adding: “I was madly in love with her…That’s my girl to death and I’m always there for her.”
As The ENQUIRER reported in 2011, Arsenio – who hosted a late-night talk show from 1989 to 1994 – decided to make a TV comeback because Paula convinced him it was the right time, and that she could pull some strings to help.
“Arsenio was afraid people had forgotten him, but Paula said a whole new generation was waiting for his humor,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. The bouncy “Straight Up” singer put word out to her network exec pals, and now Arsenio’s new syndicated show will debut Sept. 9.
But while Arsenio got busy with the gabfest, Paula spent last year getting close to hunky Rhode Island businessman John Caprio, 41.
“Paula hoped that John was going to pop the question by her 50th birthday last June,” said the source.
When that didn’t happen, Paula and Arsenio reunited for a second time, as The ENQUIRER reported. Then, last fall, Caprio begged Paula to come back, and they were photographed holding hands in Beverly Hills this past November.
“Paula was crazy in love with John, so she gave him a second chance,” said the source.
“But the romance fizzled and now it appears she’s moved on…back to Arsenio, who’s always held a torch for her.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww I hope they make it.

Anonymous said...

shit Paula a good luck charm to everybody in her circle, she's generous and knows alot of people in the biz, he better stick to her like glue to revive his career. He need to marry that woman and quit playin', they are meant for eachother

Anonymous said...

Great timing he is about to be back on TV!!! Hmmmmmm

Mrs. 2423 said...

i thought that was Jasmine Guy. Thanks for the clarification..

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