Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Barbara Walters' Daughter's DUI Included Drugs

Cops found drugs during Barbara Walters' daughter's recent DUI arrest.

ENQUIRER EXCLUSIVE! According to the police report BARBARA WALTERS’ daughter Jacqueline Danforth had to be restrained before being cuffed by cops in Naples, Florida AND drugs were found!
Danforth, 44, was collared on suspicion of DUI Sunday May 19 at 1:24 AM.
Police had responded to a suspicious report that a SUV was parked with the lights blacked out, the report said.
Cops said they pulled the SUV over and began questioning her male companion Dennis A. Pinkham. According to the police report, Danforth was swaying wildly in a highly agitated state and was shouting and then grabbing at an officer. Forced to the ground before arrest, the report says, Danforth then blew a 0.218 on the blood alcohol test way over the legal limit.
Pinkham was searched and a small box containing 4.5 grams of marijuana and a pipe were found in his shirt pocket. He was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia – a misdemeanor, the report said.
Danforth, 44, was arrested, and subsequently released after paying $1,000 bond, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said, adding it was her first such infraction as an adult.
Danforth is Walters’ adopted daughter with her former husband Lee Guber and has been in trouble previously -- during her tumultous teen years.
Both Danforth and Pinkham are due back in court June 12, 8:30 AM for an arraignment.
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

You know when these people say "drugs" never does marijuana come to mind. Seriously weed is less dangerous that alcohol, yet it's demonized and held in the same category as coke, and heroin.

so lame...I bet Barbara smokes pot.

Anonymous said...

I wish the media would stop attaching the name of (celebrity) parents to the misdeeds of their grown, adult children. The daughter is 44 years old and is accountable for her own behavior.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! What does this have to do with her parent? Grown woman did this on her own. I love her mugshot, though. Zero phucks given! LOL!

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