Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Drug Dealer to Stars Exposed

Drug dealer to the stars exposed in an under cover sting operation.

A “MR Fix It” to international celebrities including troubled teenage pop idol Justin Bieber can today be exposed as a Class A drug dealer.
Leon “Starino” Anderson constantly brags of his close links with stars from music, sport and film — and claims to count some of the world’s biggest names as his friends.
As a “right-hand man to the stars”, he has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Lewis Hamilton,, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Smith.

But unknown to these unsuspecting celebrities, Anderson — who was constantly at Bieber’s side during his recent controversial UK tour — also has a secret sideline in dealing deadly drugs.
He grinned as he told The Sun’s undercover investigators: “It’s part of my service. I have to. I have to be able to (get drugs). I have the biggest clients in the world.”
He made a call and soon his nephew Ashley Gordon — who he dubbed “The Chemist” — turned up at our hotel. He handed Anderson three wraps of cocaine and two bags of MDMA costing £280.
Our undercover team had been posing as wealthy businessmen seeking stars to help promote a new business venture.
Anderson, 26, claims to be a celebrity PR man who has negotiated endorsement deals with major brand names for several stars.
He bragged: “I am their right-hand man. When they’re in London and want to go out, I arrange everything from restaurants and clubs to anything else they want.”
He told how he had recently spent a month with one international star and organised everything for him, including “gear”.
Jacked from The Sun

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