Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elin Woods Furious with Tiger Over Lindsay Vonn

Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin is furious with Tiger for allowing their children to be photographed with his new lover Lindsay Vonn. 

TIGER WOODS’ ex is so furious about the golfer’s half-naked fishing outing with new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn that she’s threatening to take him back to court, say sources!
A shirtless Tiger, 37, and his scantily clad skiing sweetheart, 28, were photographed letting it all hang out as they enjoyed the afternoon of May 14 aboard his 61-foot yacht, Solitude, off Jupiter Island, Fla. While ex-wife Elin Nordegren doesn’t care who Tiger dates, she’s livid because their kids – daughter Sam, 5, and son Charlie, 4 – were with him, a source says.
As part of their 2010 divorce, the couple agreed to keep the kiddies away from romantic partners AND publicity. Now, a source says Elin, 33, has ordered her attorneys to find out if Tiger’s boating antics are grounds for an injunction. “Elin’s furious,” the source told The ENQUIRER.
“She feels Tiger is using their kids to repair his damaged image by appearing with them and Lindsey in a place where he knows photographs will be taken. She wants to get an injunction to prohibit Tiger from exposing the kids to any publicity, especially when he’s with one of his girlfriends.”
According to the source, Elin said: “It’s bad enough that Tiger splashes his new relationship with Lindsey all over Facebook, but we had an agreement – no publicity with the kids and his girlfriends. Not only has he broken that agreement – they’ve hardly got any clothes on!”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Didn't she have her boyfriend around her kids? I believe he went to one of their games or something.

Elin, you dumped him and he's moved on, let him live.

Anonymous said...

right^^^ girl sit down and let him Father his Kids, he was a bad husband not a bad dad. Life goes on, he's now in a relationship and he's a celebrity so paparazi is going to get photo's of him, the kids, and the girlfriend. Sounds like Elin may not have moved on like she would like for us to believe.

Unknown said...

Exactly. Elin have a seat. You've had the kids around more than one lover. Stop it.

Anonymous said...

That skinny, underfed heffa oughta just be happy she caught that come up from nanny to wealthy ex-wife and just be glad he's in the children's lives!

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