Thursday, May 23, 2013

Justin Bieber Demands Friends Sign Confidentiality Agreements

Justin Bieber demands pals sign a confidentiality before partying at his house or risk being sued for $5 million.
In its latest update on the wild and bratty ways of one Justin Bieber, TMZ reports that Biebz now requires his house guests to sign a nondisclosure agreement, forbidding public discussion of any events that might happen on his property and any "spiritual views" that might be discussed. There is also a clause warning visitors about "catastrophic injuries" from "potentially hazardous" activities; the document threatens a $5 million lawsuit to anyone who violates the agreement. The most obvious response to the above is "What the hell is Justin Bieber doing at his house?" followed by the broken-record "Justin Bieber is a terrible child star" rant. But really, if you think it over for a second, this is perfectly reasonable. It is even — dare we say it? — legally responsible. He's Justin Bieber! He can't just be letting random strangers into his home and then allowing them to sell weird stories to tabloids. You've seen what happens in that scenario (the weed photos). An NDA is just good planning (as the other celebrities who require them would tell you). Justin Bieber: always thinking ahead, like swaggy adults do.
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Trust No Bitch

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"spiritual views" huh. . SUSPECT. Fuck that life..

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