Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kim Follows Kanye Back to Paris

Kanye West left for Paris immediately after his performance on Saturday Nigh Live and days later his heavily pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner followed right behind him.

With her July due date now just weeks away, you'd expect Kim Kardashian to be putting her feet up.
But the 32-year-old - who must now have an infinitesimal amount of airmiles - is doing anything but taking it easy as she jetted off to Paris on Sunday from New York.
The reason was, of course, to meet up with baby daddy Kanye, 35, who is working on his latest album and/or clothing line in the French capital.
There's much raising of eyebrows and general tutting in the direction of 'Yeezy' for allowing his pregnant partner to be travelling to see him all the time.
But it doesn't appear that he's going to make it any easier on the raven-haired beauty any time soon.
At least she's making it easier on herself, by ditching the uncomfortable shoes.
Kardashian raised eyebrows on Thursday as she crammed her swollen feet into Perspex heels, with painful looking results.
But she was seen arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles in the early hours of Friday morning alongside her mother Kris Jenner.
Kim sported an all-black ensemble for her flight, which along with her flats consisted of trousers, a loose-fitting top and a long unbuttoned coat.
And on Sunday as she headed to the romantic city, she was wearing a pair of Nike trainers that looked chic with her all black ensemble.
Kris, 57, also joined Kim for the trip to Paris and appeared to be fully made-up underneath her dark glasses.
Kris uploaded video of the pair of them arriving in the capital and heading to the restaurant where Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton filmed a scene in As Good As It Gets but Kim seemed eager for her mother to stop recording before they stepped inside, perhaps because Kanye was within.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Their relationship is over.

Anonymous said...

Diane Keaton wasn't IN "As good as it gets" . . . .

BloggerDisplayName said...

Kim is some type of fool

Anonymous said...

Well Kim, just stay home and prepare for the single life of a babby momma - Kanye will not be moving back to LA to be with you. Paris is Kanye's out, and safe haven from you and your sick ass family. We all know you have money, but you can't afford to relocate and live in Paris permanently, so Kim a word of advice accept your role as baby momma, have the baby, and go back being a hoe and making your momma her money.

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