Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kim Kardashian Still Using Botox?

Kim Kardashian is being accused of using Botox throughout her pregnancy.
Kim Kardashian has been roundly criticized about everything from her fashion choices to her baby weight gain but a new shocking claim says that she is still getting Botox injections during her pregnancy.
The 32-year-old reality star is set to give birth to her first child in July, but according to a new report she has been so obsessed with staying young looking that she is getting the plastic surgery treatment to keep her skin smooth.
“She’s still getting injections even though she’s seven months pregnant,” an insider told In Touch magazine.
Kim’s rep denied the claim about her getting Botox during her pregnancy to
Kanye West’s baby mama has gained a startling 70 pounds during her pregnancy, and it is this that has caused her so much anxiety.
“She’s become more neurotic than ever about her looks,” a family insider told the magazine. “She’ll do anything to be beautiful.”
Kanye lost his own beloved mother Donda West after a botched plastic surgery operation and a source said it would not bode well for Kim if he found out she’s getting Botox injections.
“It would really set him off if he found out that Kim was putting his baby in that kind of danger just for her looks.”
Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Jon A. Perlman, who does not treat Kim, told the magazine “the lack of upper facial wrinkling and expression suggest Botox. Her skin is too smooth.”
A source close to Kim dismissed the report, saying “this is totally not true and she would never do this. It is absurd.”
Still, Kim reportedly is continuing the risky behavior.
“She’s so worried about what she looks like – that’s why she’s still getting Botox,” a family insider said. “Are you surprised?” they asked about Kim’s obsession with staying young.
“This is Kim. She’ll go to any lengths to protect the one thing that’s most precious to her: her beauty.”
Jacked from Radar Online


Anonymous said...

what i think is funny, is that with all the baby weight all her plastic parts are balancing atop her fat.
check out her lips and boobs.

Operation: BeastMode said...

I'm not so sure these "people" are even fucking human beings :smh:

Anonymous said...

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