Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paris Hilton Signs to Cash Money

Paris Hilton signs to Cash Money Records to release her second album.

Paris Hilton will be releasing her second album on Cash Money, the label co-founded and operated by Ronald "Slim" Williams and Bryan "Birdman" Williams. The news was first revealed in a party report filed from Cannes by Showbizz411's Roger Friedman this past Sunday night but didn't begin to spread until Birdman's confirming tweet, sent earlier this afternoon:
Speaking to Friedman, Hilton said the record will be produced by Afrojack and feature her new labelmate Lil Wayne. It's little surprise that, following the EDM boom of the past several years, Hilton said that the record is "really going to be house music."
Jacked from Billboard


Anonymous said...

Todays music industry is such a joke..

Anonymous said...

Like anybody wants to hear this skank purr and whisper in a baby voice her screech.
9:36am is EXACTLY RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

cash money records is a coven of satan worshippers, so who gives a fuck if they want to sign this untalented arrogant little mess of a white girl. She openly made quite a few derrogatory comments about black people, then said it was a joke.

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