Thursday, June 6, 2013

Amanda Bynes Terrorizes Neighbors

Amanda Bynes' neighbors are fed up with her bizarre antics including knocking on doors and running and staring crazily at people in the elevator.

Neighbors in Amanda Bynes’ apartment building describe living with the wigged-out starlet as “like living with Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist.’ ” One told us, “She stares you out in the elevator. Residents are terrified to be alone with her. She knocked on one woman’s door, and when it opened, she screamed ‘You’re ugly,’ and ran away. Amanda always seems to be alone, muttering to herself and looking completely out of it.” The resident said management as well as neighbors in Bynes’ West 47th Street building are fed up with her antics in the lobby, elevators and public corridors. The source added, “The day before her arrest, she arrived in a cab and ran upstairs, leaving the driver shrieking that she owed him $150. She left her cellphone in the cab. The good news is, she hasn’t been seen in the building since her arrest.” Bynes was charged last week with reckless endangerment after allegedly throwing a bong out of her window. Despite all the drama and the comparison to Blair’s performance as a devil-possessed child, her lawyer Lee Hutton said, “Amanda’s fine. This has all been blown out of proportion.” Her father, Rick Bynes, is reportedly trying to stage an intervention, but she refuses to see him or talk to him. Bynes, spotted wandering around in Buffalo yesterday, herself tweeted, “I’m not crazy.”
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Anonymous said...

And that's why they all got together with management and pulled out their bitch be gone spray. ain't nobody got time for all that craziness, go be crazy somewhere else, people got real lives and ain't bout to deal with no crazy ass ex celebrity who can't handle not being famous any more.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are her parent really doing? Somebody needs to put this bitch on 72 hour hold so they can find out what is going on. If she's not crazy or on drugs find out why the fuck she keep acting the way she does. She's gonna kill herself or someone's gonna kill her ads. SMMFH!

Anonymous said...

I meant her ASS! This bitch is driving me nuts now lol

Anonymous said...

She is deprogramming herself she is going through the change.

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