Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beyonce Dispels Pregnancy Rumors One Drink at a Time

Spywitness reveal Beyonce was drinking champagne all night at Kanye West's birthday party despite persistent pregnancy rumors.

Confidenti@l's Marianne Garvey was back on the set of VH1's "The Gossip Table" today, where she dished about some Beyoncé news that happened over the weekend.
Despite continuing rumors that Queen Bey is pregnant with her second child, Confidenti@l learned exclusively that the megastar was out tearing up the town and drinking.
On Friday, she hit New York City’s WiP nightclub — dragging little sis Solange along with her for a night of dancing. The next night, she hit Miss Lily's for Kanye West's 36th birthday dinner and sang "Happy Birthday" along with the crowd.
"She drank champagne all night," a spywitness tells us.
So that puts that rumor to rest.
Any questions?
Jacked from NY Daily Confidential


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kim wasn't there to ruin beys good time.

Love me some bey.

Anonymous said...

No wonder she's aging so badly--she's a lush! And she supposedly smokes, too, which would explain those deep lines around her mouth. Plus, she inherited Tina's shitty aging genes.

Anonymous said...


you're bashing bey for "supposedly being a smoker'? When did bey become a smoker & since when has smoking been considered a reason to be ridiculed??

There are addicted & chained smokers that don't get bashed..

She has a few drinks & now shes a lush?

Can the woman have a drink? It is a party. Are all the other guests lushs also?? Or just Bey?

can bey do anything without you "NIT PICKING uncletoming WHITEY BALLS SUCKING feeling sorry for every pathetic white female inbred, bashing every black person on this site while uplifting and excusing whitey inbreds for whatever they do selfhating young want slavery to come back black fools", ridiculing her?

Anonymous said...


Bey is too beautiful.

Lushes don't work hard. All they do is CRY, pity themselves, fall all over the place & make asses out of themselves.. Bey is too cooool.

Never seen bey with a cigarette. Shes too wise to smoke. i don't smoke either. Smoking is for LOSERS & at least bey doesn't age in DOG years like whitey inbreds.

bey is 31, if she was white she'd look like a 50 yr old inbred by now. with turkey neck & giant bags under her eyes. Which is the look of a 65 year old black woman.

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