Monday, June 17, 2013

Charlie Sheen Fires Selma Blair

Charlie Sheen fires Selma Blair during a meltdown on the set of Anger Management.

So much for “Anger Management.”
Fresh off of his epic “Teen Mom” slam, Charlie Sheen has reportedly blown his lid at his FX sitcom co-star, Selma Blair, and is even telling the entire set that he’s fired her.
According to TMZ, the bad boy actor is furious after learning that the “Cruel Intentions” actress is allegedly complaining to producers about Sheen's repeated lateness and poor work ethic, sources said.
Sheen told executives that he wants her gone and is refusing to work if she shows up on set today.
Sheen has reportedly asked the network for support but they are hoping that the incident will quickly blow over.
Blair plays Charlie Goodson's occasional lover, Kate Wales, on the show.
Network insiders told the gossip site that Sheen wants actress Mila Kunis to come on the show for 10 episodes at $1 million each.
Jacked from Page Six

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nba is fixed said...

Sorry Charlie, the only tv show Mila Kunis is doing is Family Guy. Mila is a soon to be A-list movie star, she doesn't have time for bullshit tv shows.

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