Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Corey Feldman Writing a Tell All

Former child star Corey Feldman plans to rip the lid off his friendship with Michael Jackson and the rampant drug and sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Corey Feldman is lifting the lid on life as a child star in an explosive new book which will detail his relationship with late superstar Michael Jacksonand his longtime friend Corey Haim.
The Stand By Me star has put pen to paper to write a candid memoir called Coreyography, in which he details his life in Hollywood as a youngster, as well as his battles with drugs and sexual abuse.
Feldman also opens up about his friendship with the Thriller hitmaker, who died in 2009, and his late pal Haim, who passed away a year later (10) after a long battle with addiction issues.
The book, which will hit shelves in November (13), is described as a "Hollywood survival story" and a statement posted on Amazon.com, adds, "Now that two of (his) close friends - Haim and Jackson - have passed away, along with others, Corey has decided that it's time to come clean about his past, a past that included physical, drug, and sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family from whom he was emancipated at age fifteen, and a stint in rehab... Coreyography is a tale of survival and redemption."
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nba is fixed said...

Like Edward Snowden, Corey Feldman blew the whistle on the industry he used to work for. Like Edward Snowden, Corey Feldman's life is in danger.
If Corey drops A-list names in his new book, he will probably be murdered!

Anonymous said...

Go on and do you Corey! Tell it!

Anonymous said...

bet he has a lot to say.
just wish i could get past the god awful hair.

Anonymous said...

All that built up estrogen in most white male INBREDS.. .....

these grown men that were connected to MJ as a child

They Wear their child molested experience with MJ as a BADGE OF HONOR! They are so proud to be suspected of being molested by MJ. LOOK AT THAT SMILE ON HIS FACE..

Even if the inbreds weren't molested by MJ. They want people to believe they were..Not just to make money. IT MAKES THEM FEEL SPECIAL & proud to say. "I was molested by MJ"..

Its like "look at me,MJ wanted me out of all the children he could have molested, he molested me"I'm so special.. These guys are so easy to read.

What MAN wants to admit he was FUCKED by another man???

Thats why white people are the DEVIL!! Their thinking is so WARPED!! & ass backwards!!

Black people are so different from INBREDS.. Whitey inbreds are just FREAKS!!

Anonymous said...

This turtle needs to sit down some where & stopped whoring for attention. I give him credit for exposing the industry, but he needs to be quiet now. He's just writing a book b/c his broke ass needs money. Whenever celebs need some cash, they wanna write some shit. He already said Haim was molested as a child star and he self medicated the pain, which led to his death. As far as telling about Michael, didn't Corey Feldman change his previous story? So what is there to tell? Tired of MJ being demonized. It was already exposed that his accusers lied, yet folks continue to call him a pedo. One of his accusers said his father put him up to it and that man committed suicide. Google it. Corey needs to stop it with the makeup, lipstick and eyebrow pencil and that hair....Hideous!

Anonymous said...

He may write his "tell all" but I bet he won't be telling all. There is no way he's going to call any big names.

Anonymous said...

what you saying? Whites are not to proud to admit they been molested and blacks are not? STFU! Just cuse it might've been blk on wht, there's nothing he can say. Hey! If it was Wht on Blk, god knows there would be hell to pay. Open your eyes to the world. It could be anybody.

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