Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Debbie Rowe Not Seeking Guardianship of Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson's biological mother Debbie Rowe has no plans to take guardianship of Paris despite the teen's suicide attempt.
A source told New York Daily News, "It would take Katherine dying or becoming very ill for Debbie to seek legal guardianship in court." The source added that both Debbie and Katherine wanted to respect Michael Jackson's will, in which he named Katherine a guardian of his children.
"Katherine said she isn't going to give up the role because she feels that would be letting Michael down, and Debbie has too much respect for Katherine and Michael's wishes to fight her in court," the source said on Monday, June 10. The source also said that Paris could stay with Debbie during summer, but "it still wouldn't change the guardianship."
Paris has been moved to UCLA Medical Center from a hospital near Calabasas home after she allegedly tried to commit suicide. According to E! News, the King of Pop's daughter "is doing much better." A source of the site added, "She knows she has some big decisions to make. And she knows she needs to get better and start thinking straight." Paris has been receiving support from "a lot of people around her who love her and want her to get better."
Paris' godmother Diana Ross reportedly "is extremely concerned about Paris." According to Radar Online, the singer "has vowed to make sure she gets the help she needs." She is said planning to visit Paris when she is discharged from hospital. Marie Osmond, who lost her son because of suicide, is also concerned about the girl's condition. "This little girl's in a really hard place. Who knows what the answers are, but I'd seriously look. My heart breaks for her," she said during an appearance on CBS' "The Talk".
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Anonymous said...

Yeah right, Paris will never be free from the pyche ward and doctors. She will be labeled mentally ill and needing a caretaker for the rest of her life - Just wait and see. Look at Britney Spears. You can't play games with these executors/powerful people over Michael's estate. They will make sure you are shipped away to the looney booney asylum for the rest of your life without any kind of rights. Paris will find out soon enough!!

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to be bothered with her, she's a big ass headache. Only grandma katie cares and paris spoiled ass doesn't want to be a part of the family. Diana Ross is frontin for some air time and Debbie Rowe just wants people to forget she sold her kids to MJ For a gang of money. All she wants to do is live in peace with her horses and Michael's millions. People can say what they want, but this is the main reason MJ kept the kids out of the limelight. There was a method to his madness to protect his family. Now paris will be a nutcase and join the other hollywood spoiled mental case brat pack kids. She had it all, while other kids have little to none---ungrateful ass!

Anonymous said...


Diana Ross is not frontin for air time. She is a SUPERSTAR, she doesn't need this inbreded lab rat to get air time.

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Mj did not leave those children to Katherine. because he knew his sisters & brothers would be in the mix. Plus why would he leave children to a 80 year old woman unless he knew he was gonna die?

He left those children to the NANNY, & probably left her a boat load of money...Take Will is FAKE.....

Anonymous said...

"that will is fake"

They will not let that lab rat go back to the jackson household cause they can't control her. Even though everyone knows she faked suicide, she will still be labeled suicida..l

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