Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Heather Locklear Trashes Tom Cruise

Actress Heather Locklear mocks Tom Cruise for duplicating his famous Risky Business dance on their first and last date.
Heather Locklear has revealed she once went on a date with Tom Cruise - but was put off by his dodgy dance moves.
The 51-year-old Dynasty actress made the revelation during an appearance on the Chelsea Lately show on Tuesday night, which aired on the E! network.
Locklear recalled how she met Tom on an audition when he was new to Los Angeles and 'didn't have any friends' in the city - so they went out together.
But his dance moves proved a little too much for Locklear on the date, which is believed to have taken place sometime in the early Eighties.
She told host Chelsea Handler: 'You know in Risky Business where he does that dance in his underwear?
'We were dancing in a club and he went into that,' she explained, referring to Cruise's 1983 film.
Describing how she reacted to Tom's dancing, Locklear said: 'You just kind of stand there and don’t know what to do.
'Do you dance around him? It was weird. I just sat down.'
Heather said that was the first and last time she went out with Cruise, who is now aged 50.
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