Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jennifer Lopez Makes Assistant Sleep With Her

Jennifer Lopez forces her female assistant to sleep in bed with her when she gets lonely.
Hot on the heels of The ENQUIRER’s scoop that JENNIFER LOPEZ boy toy CASPER SMART accused her of cheating with singer pal PITBULL – a charge she hasn’t denied as we go to press – comes this new revelation:
The superstar freely admits she’s got a real problem with sleeping alone!
“But it has nothing to do with sex,” reports my inside source.
“When Jennifer and her ex MARC ANTHONY were traveling all over South America taping for their 2012 TV talent show ‘Q’Viva,’ Casper often didn’t accompany her – and when he wasn’t around, she’d ask her female cousin/assistant, Tiana, to spend the night right next to her because ‘I just get so lonely in bed!’”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

I don't believe this because:

A) It's written by the NE
B) This ho is constantly with a man.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, please don't sleep with your assistant. Sleep with me instead. I'll protect you from harm and danger.

nba is fixed said...

If you choose to sleep with J-Lo, you might catch some type of disease that Puff Daddy gave her years ago.

Anonymous said...


All the men this ho been with, and your dumb selfhating ass has to bash the BLACK one.

You uncletoms/tomicinas are just destine to hate on your own!

Whats going on with this generation of blacks? Why do you HATE on your own all the time?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Why is it always about race on this site? I am pretty sure nba wasn't thinking about it either. Puff is a known womanizer and woman beater so I wouldn't be surprised if she caught something from him.

Gosh black people are always the first to attack each other about race! calm down sheesh!

Unknown said...

J-Lo loves the ladies too... no surprise there. Come all the way out the closet J-Hoe... all the way.

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