Friday, June 7, 2013

Justin Bieber's Security Team Assault Photographer

Four members from Justin Bieber's security team are accused of attacking a photographer outside a Miami recording studio.

Four Justin Bieber hangers-on are now alleged to have attacked a photographer outside of a Miami recording studio yesterday, according to a report released minutes ago by Miami Dade Police.
The victim of the 19-year-old pop star’s entourage was identified as paparazzo Jeffery Binion, of Miami Beach. He is, according to his complaint, 56 years old!
His main attacker, who allegedly grabbed him by the neck and pushed him backwards as he took photos of Bieber outside The Hit Factory on NE 149th Street, was identified by police as 250-poundHugo Hesny, a 31-year-old Davie resident who identified himself to police as a “private security” provider.
Hesny once played centerfield for the South Florida Beach Bums, an amateur baseball team based in Hollywood. Hesny also worked in South Beach nightclubs as a bouncer.
Hesny, according to the report, was assisted by three other men all dressed in black when they allegedly went after Binion.
One of them, who couldn’t be identified by Binion, pulled the memory card out of his camera.
Binion, who isn’t returning calls, told cops he was simply taking pictures of Bieber skateboarding on the grounds of the recording studio when he was approached by the men.
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I will be so glad when his 1/2 hr of fame finally expires for good.

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