Friday, June 7, 2013

Kim Kardashian Torn Between Mom and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian can't decide whether to listen to her momager Kris Jenner or her baby daddy Kanye West when it comes to making money off her new baby.
KIM Kardashian feels torn between boyfriend Kanye West‘s wishes and those of her overbearing mother, Kris Jenner.
The reality TV star will deliver her daughter in July and her momager Kris wants to control how she handles the birth announcement, selling the first pictures and maximizing her financial gains from the highly-anticipated birth.
“Kris has always been in charge of Kim’s life, starting with the sex tape, and now she wants to make sure she makes as much money as possible off the baby,” the source said.
“Kim has always relied on her mom to give her the best advice, but now she’s struggling because Kanye wants to make sure that they don’t overexpose their baby.
“Kim has been telling her friends that she’s really stressed about everything. She trusts Kris, and knows that she is only trying to help Kim, but she loves Kanye too and wants to be an equal partner with him rearing their daughter.
“For the first time in a long time, Kim just doesn’t know what to do — she feels stuck.”
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Anonymous said...

If this woman/girl is big enough to pull her panties off to have sex like a grown woman, she should be making her own grown woman decisions. Keep your momager out of your adult affairs. It's obvious her mom is a damn home wrecker. That's the very reason why Khloe don't take advice from her. Her mom need to try and work on her own fa├žade of a marriage.

Anonymous said...

In the end, Kim will listen to her momma. Kanye is already acting like he can't stand her ass. Already spending more time with his boyfriend. Kris will constantly remind her how they went to Paris and Kanye fled to Milan to avoid being with her.
Yep in the end it will be PMK who has Kims ear. And Kanye is on the hook for 18 expensive years.

Anonymous said...

Kris Jenner has taken pimping to a whole new level. Right now it is working for her. She put that twist on that old saying " you got too pay to play". Now someone convince me that pussy has no power.

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