Friday, June 28, 2013

Kourtney Kardashian Disgusted By Kim's Parenting Style

Kourtney Kardashian does not approve of sister Kim's parenting style.

KOURTNEY Kardashian doesn’t agree with sister Kim Kardashian‘s parenting style.
The TV star — who raises two young kids with partner Scott Disick — fears Kim’s celebrity lifestyle isn’t going to change now that she’s a mother.
Kim and her beau Kanye West welcomed daughter North West on June 15.
Kim and Kanye are apparently planning to take the baby with them on the rapper’s upcoming world tour, but Kourtney has said that Kim isn’t doing the right thing by taking the baby out of the country at such a young age, according to America’s Life & Style.
“She was disgusted when she learned Kim plans to take the baby on Kanye’s European tour so soon after the birth,” a source said.
“They had a big argument. Kim gets off on the crazy lifestyle.
“She loves the buzz of taking 10 flights in three days and always having her hair and makeup teams around and staying in luxe hotels. But she needs to know that’s in the past, at least for now.
“Kim does whatever she wants, and she’s always been self-centered, so Kourtney’s been disappointed so far.”
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Anonymous said...

She can't wait to sell this baby up the river what new mother who knows nothing about motherhood asks like this. Take the time to learn you baby.

Anonymous said...

What parenting style, that baby isn't even a month. Kim is gonna hand that baby to a nanny in no time so she can go back to what ever the hell she does . I don't see her as hands on but who knows! As for the sister, if she really said that she needs to mind her own business and take care of raising her own kids.

Anonymous said...

Dragging a premature baby around the world just to follow your narcissistic gay boyfriend around on his world tour? Really? Really?
Well at least North will be a nanny. SMDH.

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused as to why people pay any fuckin attention to the Kardashians. If they were black doing the shit they do, they'd be labeled every derogatory name you can think of.

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