Monday, June 10, 2013

Kris Forcing Kourtney and Scott to Marry for Ratings

Kris Jenner has come up with an ingenious way to boost ratings for her sagging empire: Force Kourtney and Scott to get married.

KOURTNEY Kardashian is set to marry boyfriend Scott Disick — thanks to her mom Kris Jenner.
The couple ave been an on-again/off-again couple since 2006 and have two children together – son Mason, 2, and 1-year-old Penelope.
Sources say Kris has started pushing them to seal the deal in a bid to keep money pouring in.
“Kris has convinced them they could net a whopping $10 million in deals from their wedding,” a source said.
“They’ve had a roller-coaster relationship and Kourtney has had to live with all sorts of rumors about Scott’s wild partying with other women. So marriage hadn’t been a top priority for them – that was until Kris gave it to them straight.
“Kris is worried that the family’s popularity may be on the wane and there may not be many megabucks paydays left. She wants to cash out now.”
Kris wants Kourtney to get her romance with Scott back in the spotlight, “and she’s told Scott to be as romantic as possible with Kourtney whenever they’re in public,” divulged an insider.
“They want to build up the hype before Kris starts pitching the exclusive engagement pictures and a wedding TV special,” said the friend. “They want to tie the knot in Aspen in November.
“Kris thinks they can make a fortune, and the couple is onboard provided the money’s there.”
Jacked from Showbiz Spy


Unknown said...

Kourtney is lesbian, that is why she hasn't married Scott. This is why she could really care less about his screwing other women.

Anonymous said...

^^^I was coming to post the same thing, MsPink Kitty. Kourtney just wanted a sperm donor, and Scott just wanted to be in the spotlight via his association with her family.

Anonymous said...

^^^and those 2 getting married ain't gonna help the Kartrashian's waning popularity.

Anonymous said...

Kourtney aint going to do ANYTHING she dont want to do. She is outspoken when it comes to mama k. just sayin tho.

Anonymous said...

Kris is the devil

Anonymous said...

She mad cause yeezy won't sell out the baby for money. Don't nobody care bout scott and old girl. Their time is up. Should have invested better.

Anonymous said...

Kris is a harlot and the mother of harlot she is a Jezebel and Deliyah kind of woman. Now look at Kim going through hell trying to carry a baby all because of what her mother wants her to endure just for fame. I would have been told Kris to step back she needs to focus on those two youngest girls that she has.

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